Sunday, January 21, 2018

Weekly Links

Link are here! I've spent a lot of time in bed this past weekend so I figured I may as well get to sharing so many things on my to-post list. I have a FAQ post coming up, a Book Club post, and a couple more too. I'm resting and also getting things done, which feels good. So, to kick it off, here are some links for you to enjoy on this fine Sunday evening-- (also let me know if you know the image source above so I can add it!)

First, read this great article by Barbara Kingsolver: Me Too Isn't Enough.

I haven't worn a pair of these since 6th grade but the floral ones are so cute!

A great list of podcasts to try.

All about becoming better in small steps.

My friends Robert and Christina posted about this show- and I'm excited to check it out.

The most hated food in each state.

This is perfect!

I enjoyed reading this business advice.

I want to visit ALL of these places.

The most surprising thing about my Fall/Winter wardrobe has been my LOVE for turtlenecks!

Why children's books should all be a little sad.

6 fairytales for the modern woman.

Clearing your space- 2018 edition.

And 7 ways to set yourself up for success this month.

A great reminder and inspiring read about judging others.

Wishlist: this sweater (in Wheat), these sweatpants, this tee, and one of these.

Loving these pajamas and really needing to update my own with some cute options.

"I started the Media Men List."

Absolutely love this jacket. And I bet you'll see it pop up ALL over IG any day now! ;)

Great read, all about/by Ellen Pompeo.

Is it too soon for floral dresses?

Check out this list of one blogger's top books of 2017.

Same! We love this stuff- part nostalgia (this was a party staple growing up) and part plain delicious.

And finally, a fun one: what to read based on your most recent Netflix binge!


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Letter to You, By Plane

Dear Friend,

This feels like a special year. Do you feel it? I don’t know what it is- maybe it’s because this past year has been so weird, but it’s so welcome to move into the new. It’s weird for me right now- ­there is a lot going on in my world both good and bad, but regardless I have a majorly hopeful feeling. I’m grateful for that. I’m on the plane right now, flying home from a quick turn around trip to LA for Ergobaby planning for 2018. It was a good trip- the day went by far too quickly but we got some good ideas going for all the new products launching this year and I’m looking forward to so much. Work has been ramping up and it’s exciting. To update you, I’m still working with Ergobaby, creating content for them. This year we’re focusing more on video so that’s where a lot of my time goes- YouTube, IG Stories, etc. I also handle all the social media and content for Veer, a startup (we launched this summer). If you haven’t checked them out make sure to pop over to their website. They’re one of the most well-made kid/baby products I’ve ever used. And then I also work with my friend Nicole at her agency Daley PR out of the Bay area, alongside our friend Lauren- we handle Veer’s PR, Ergobaby’s PR, , Plum Organics, Willow (social + PR- launching SO soon), and Owlet. So much fun right? I feel thankful everyday I’m able to do the work I do.

I get a lot of questions about my career progression- how did I end up here? It’s a windy road, but I started blogging in the very early days. My undergrad is in English Lit, and my Master’s is in Education so I've always been writing focused in some way. When I was a high school English teacher I continued to blog, and when I decided to stay home with Henry I focused more on writing in my blog and sharing on social media. I was able to make a great living from it (sadly, much better than my teacher’s salary). But I also recognized that I wouldn’t always want to focus everything on my own family, so when Ergobaby asked if I could help them with their social media a few hours a week I jumped at the chance. From there a few hours became many, and then over the past few years that’s turned into all sorts of other opportunities. It was such a natural transition, and now I can’t imagine doing anything else. I LOVE what I do, and I feel inspired every single day being around so many amazing women and mothers.

But enough about work! I wanted to also share an update about life in general. All is well in our world. My Dad is doing okay. If you’ve been following along you may know he's very sick- lung and an aggressive liver cancer. He had been in the ICU right before Christmas due to a chemo-induced stroke but was able to go home on Christmas day, which was amazing. It’s an odd thing to accept- that there aren’t any more treatments to do, nothing to "heal," and that we are just taking it day by day. More than anything we are hoping for more time. I think back a lot to our recent trip to New Jersey this past summer. He was feeling so great and we were able to spend so much quality time together. The boys and my Dad would walk the beach every morning filling plastic buckets up with shells, I would sit next to him on the warm sand in the sunny afternoons and talk about all sorts of things, we’d spend evenings eating our favorite foods and laughing as we walked along the boardwalk. It was an incredibly special time that I will always hold in my heart.

The boys and Olive are doing great. 7, 4, and 10 months. It’s so funny- Hank and I were just talking about even though we LOVE the baby age, Henry’s age is the absolute best. It’s so fun being able to have great conversations, do things with him as a big kid, it’s just the coolest. Charlie’s at the challenging age of 4 (it was equally challenging with Henry at this age!). He’s at the point where if things don't line up to his plan or go exactly how he wants there's a meltdown. Hank is coaching both of the boys’ basketball teams and he had Charlie’s practice tonight. Our babysitter watched Olive at home and he brought both the boys. Before my plane took off I got to chat with him for a second and ask how it went. He let me know Charlie ended up having a mini meltdown because he didn’t like the team name they chose. Instead of the Green Geckos he wanted to be the Green Bay Packers and was not having the Gecko thing. This is four. ;) But really, I can see exactly WHY he is acting this way. He just wants more love and attention, and as the new middle child he’s trying to assert himself wherever and whenever he can. And understandably so! He is such a love of a child and I know we will grow out of this phase (grateful to have already gone through it with H), but man it’s rough some days. I’m just trying to focus on not adding to the chaos when he’s having a hard time- remaining calm, offering solutions for him calming down, etc. Easier said than done right? Outside of that our sweet Charlie is getting so big- he still loves monster trucks and all things vehicles, but is also super into sports and being outside in the dirt! I’d say the thing he loves the most though, is art. He’s an amazing artist (I should share some of his creations here) and everyday he spends time drawing. It's very cool to watch him progress more and more as he practices.

Olive girl is in that incredibly sweet spot where she’s beginning to really show her personality. She’s just beginning to crawl on her hands and knees (up until recently she was doing a modified army crawl) and is starting to get really fast. She’s talking non-stop, and her favorite thing to do is wave hello. I love this age. I would say at this point she is a little slower than the boys physically- I think both may have been close to walking at this age, but one of the truly wonderful things about parenthood a third time around is the laid-backness I feel. What a welcome change! My friend Cas recently shared a story of her baby daughter with the caption “too chill for milestones.” That’s so Olive! Haha. As far as sleeping she’s sleeping through the night in her crib. I feel like it took her a little longer than the boys to achieve this also, but it is SO great that she’s there. I feel human again! The transition from Dockatot to crib was seamless, which shocked me. I was super worried it would be the opposite so that was a pleasant surprise. She’s taking two naps a day, and seems to follow in the footsteps of Henry, who always was a great sleeper and loved to sleep as much as possible. We recently weaned, which was bittersweet for me, but we’re both doing great. One NOT so sweet thing is my terrible hormonal acne! It’s starting to clear up now but just like with the boys, my skin went crazy post-nursing. I have a long way to go to get back to my glowing, clear skin but I’m just trying to be patient as my hormones regulate- and also remind myself it’s never as bad as I think it is. Although it is actually really bad. ;)

And of course, Henry! Our big 7 year old has turned into one tall boy! Henry is loving sports, and each season looks forward to what’s next. We just finished soccer and are in basketball now. Then it’s baseball and onto flag football for the first time. One of the things I love most about being a Mom is going to their practices and games so I’m glad he loves it too. ;) Outside of sports Henry’s major interest is reading. He LOVES books. It’s been one of the biggest joys of my life watching him discover reading on such a deep level and every single night he’s in his bed reading chapter after chapter. Right now he's into Harry Potter which is AWESOME! His whole world has come alive with reading and it’s the coolest thing ever. Like I mentioned above, this age is so much fun.

Does this update feel like you’re reading a letter from a friend? It does to me. It makes me so happy to share here. I hope wherever you are, or whatever you’re doing, you’re having a great day. I am so looking forward to this year and sharing more. Thanks for being here, and for making it to the end of this long post!


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

How to Raise a Reader: Tips for Getting Your Kids to LOVE Reading

If you've been following along with this blog you know what a big part reading is in our lives. Just check out this hashtag! And not only do I LOVE reading myself, but our kids are major readers too. I often get questions from blog readers asking what we did to get out kids to love books so much and reading at an early age. As both a mother and a former high school English teacher, I have so much to say about this and I felt it was time I organized my thoughts on the subject. Most of all I want to share some tips for anyone looking to bring more books and reading into their home! So here goes:

1. To raise a reader, be a reader.

Now, I know not everyone loves to read. I have lots of thoughts and feelings on this- like I used to tell my high school students- "Everyone is a reader- you just haven't found the right book!" And I truly believe this. So quick little reminder- if you find yourself feeling less than inspired to read yourself, explore some new options or try to find books that align with simple interests you already have. There really is something for everyone, it just may take some time to discover something that really draws you in. But like I said above- to raise a reader, be a reader. Children watch everything we do. So if you want your kids to pick up a book when they're bored, or seek out something to read on their own, they need to see their biggest example and model doing the same.

2. Make books accessible. 

We have hundreds of books all over our home- bookshelves in our office, our bedroom, in the kids' rooms, books in the toy bins in the living room- reading is an easy choice at all times. This has been key for us. If you're just starting out, start small and create a book basket. This is a simple box or basket filled with books, next to your child's bed or in a common area. This doesn't mean you need to go to Amazon and spend $100 buying the latest and greatest children's literature. Used books are amazing- check your local thrift store, hit up the dollar store for new books, and of course there is always the library! If your kids come home from school and say they're bored, invite them to grab a book from the basket and come read with you. Read to your younger kids, have your older kids read to you- although even older kids love being read to just as much as the little ones. The biggest thing though is having books be a part of your environment so they will naturally become what children gravitate towards.

3. Build reading into your everyday routine.

Read aloud to your kids, If you have a baby Olive's age, you might feel like they aren't listening or interested in books at all, but keep at it. Have a stack of books on a side table in your little one's nursery and read when you wake up, before every nap, whenever you can fit it in. Let your child explore- encourage them to touch the pages, turn each one, and don't be discouraged if they only want to push it away. Just try again later. It's what you do everyday that matters and with consistency you will find that books eventually become something they will reach for. Tactile, touch-and-feel books are best for babies, and here are some of favorites: one, two, three, and four. For older kids, make sure you do a bedtime book every single night if possible. Have it be something you and your family look forward to as the very last step of your nighttime routine. Make sure you're picking books YOU love too so this is something the entire family can look forward to. Our routine is the same every night- bath, books, sleep. The boys definitely get excited about our story time each evening, but it's because it's always been what we've done- it feels weird not doing it! If you haven't made this a priority, no worries- there is no time like the present to start, so make it a new tradition beginning tonight and begin to enjoy this daily dose of extra cuddles and quiet time together.

Making muffins with Henry 2/21/13

4. Create real life connections to books.

Going on vacation? Head to the library and grab books on your destination. Reading a children's book that has a fun theme? Consider bringing it to life, like Henry and I did here with If You Give a Moose A Muffin. Connecting kid's everyday life to books is a very simple way to infuse magic into reading, even at a very early age.

5. Start reading traditions.

This is one of my best tips, and quite possible the one my family and I enjoy the most. We have special holiday books, birthday books, etc. that we pull out only for these special occasions. It's Christmas? We're getting out the holiday decorations and inside that big bin is a smaller box filled with our holiday books. During Halloween I'll display our collection of spooky, seasonal books and we'll reach for them every night before bed. It's SO fun for the boys to rediscover them each year and I love that we're creating these special memories together. Another great tradition to begin is weekly or monthly trips to the library. This is something your kids will look forward to, and a great way to hit so many of the tips above- and best of all, it's a fun, FREE thing to do.

I hope this helps inspire you and give you some an idea of what we do at home to encourage reading as much as possible. If you have anything else to add, please leave a comment below so we can all enjoy any tips or tricks that you use in your family. I'll be following up soon with our current favorite books to read as a family, so stay tuned.

Happy reading!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

2017 Favorites/Best of 2017

This year's "Top 9" on Instagram- my most liked photos of 2017. All Olive, no surprise there! ;)

Before I say goodbye to 2017 and fully switch over to a brand new year, I wanted to share a big list of my 2017 favorites. I used to do lists like this every year (looking at you, Sarah/Livejournal!), and when I saw Emily's list over at Small Fry Blog I was totally inspired to do one this year! So here we go:

Favorite part: There are a few, but the biggest would definitely have to be growing and birthing Olive. I get emotional even thinking about the whole journey- from getting pregnant while in Switzerland, to finding out in July 2016, starting 2017 off knowing our girl would be joining our family in a couple short months, to giving birth in March. The third time around was the most beautiful experience, and I feel like I was really able to cherish it because I was fully aware of how fast it would go by. Also- the feeling of having our family complete is so amazing. I'm endlessly thankful.

Favorite trip: We went so many places this year- Olive got her first stamp in her passport when we traveled to Canada, we ventured to a lot of different states as a family of five, but the very best trip of the year would have to be our annual trip to the East Coast. My Dad was feeling great at that point and we were able to totally soak up some of the best quality time we'd had in awhile, and the bonding and memories we created on that trip are priceless to me.

Favorite fashion find: these jeans, hands down. I have them in both blue and black and love them to pieces. I highly recommend them to every woman.

Best baby item: the Owlet. It has given us so much peace of mind and it's the one baby item I would love to give to any and every parent. You can read more about our experience here, and I'll be sharing an update with the products we loved during Olive's first year soon.

Best kids' item: I would have to say the Kindle for Henry. His reading completely took off this year and we were not able to get to the library quick enough. The Kindle has been amazing for travel and to have all of his favorites in one place.

Best beauty item: Josh Rosebrook's Active Enzyme Exfoliator. The very best face product I've tried and used this past year, and completely organic, no animal testing. Try it, you'll love it. Also: this concealer, and this texture spray.

Favorite book: Small Great Things by Jodi Piccoult. Have you read it? It's a wonderful read that makes you feel all sorts of emotions, think about current issues, laugh, cry, you name it. Add it to your list!

Favorite podcast: My most favorite podcast of the year was Bitch Sesh. There are a million podcasts out there, and I listen to a ton of motivational, inspirational, educational ones I'll share in a post soon, but this one is one that makes me LAUGH! I love it. It helps that the two women and I share a love for the Housewives, but they also tackle a lot of current issues through their humorous lens and I just really enjoy listening.

Favorite movie: This is hard. I feel like I didn't see a ton of movies this year just based on having a new baby, but of the ones I did get to check out, I would have to say Manchester by the Sea. This was released in 2016, but I *think* I saw it in the very beginning of 2017, so I'm going to count it. It's an odd choice for a favorite maybe because it's SO sad and heavy...but I thought the acting was amazing and the whole film made me feel so much.

Favorite show: Big Little Lies. A great book too, but this series was just insanely amazing. The cast, acting, storyline...soundtrack! It was all so good. And great news, a second season is in the works. If you haven't yet seen (or read it), give it a go- I bet you'll like it.

Biggest change: A few months after I had Olive I decided to hop on the macro-counting train to dial in my nutrition. I still owe this topic a dedicated post, but it's been such a great thing for me, and opened my eyes to so many things. I've never felt better in my life and as an added bonus (and something that goes hand in hand with my workouts), never been in better shape. My friend Amy is my macro/fitness coach, and she provides me with my macro numbers to hit, my workouts, and I check in with her weekly with measurements, progress pics, and details. A big commitment but one that's been so worth it for me.

2017- that's a wrap!


Monday, January 1, 2018

Sometimes Sweet in 2018

2018! It's here. And I'm so excited. This next year I have some fun plans for this blog, and I hope you will continue along on this ride with me. First of all- why am I here? I've asked myself that question over the past few months as I've thought about whether or not I wanted to commit to continue sharing here in the new year. I've been here for a long, long time with different ups and downs. Some years I've blogged consistently and others (like the last two), more infrequently, but regardless, I've always had a pull to be here.

Moving into this next year though, examining the "why" is important to me. First and foremost, I want to keep sharing. My biggest why is because I love it. I enjoy posting here when I do, and I actually want to share more! As I've grown and evolved I I love being able to have this space outside of my everyday work. I work IN the blogging and social influencer space, so at times it can feel overwhelming and just another "thing" to do, but more than anything it's a wonderful retreat to revisit what's important to me. I want to do a much better job at sharing all of the ideas that pop into my mind and also recreate this space as a resource for women who want to find inspiration, advice, or just want to read an essay or two.

I feel grateful for this site. I started this blog as a newlywed ten years ago, and so much has changed over the course of a decade. Moving forward I want to continue to tell my story, but also share things that you guys want to see too, and create a good mix of interesting things I love, all in a newly-designed space (coming in early 2018). Yes!

So here's to this new year- I have SUCH a truly good feeling about it and I can't wait to see what 2018 has in store. Again, thanks for being here.

And before you go- will you leave me a comment of one thing you'd like to read MORE of here in 2018?


Friday, December 29, 2017

Weekly Links

Happy Friday! I'm really excited for a quiet weekend at home, welcoming in 2018. We have sushi takeout planned for our New Year's Eve and maybe a Stranger Things marathon once the kids are asleep. Do you have any plans?

Here are some links to start the weekend off --

Outfit above: jeans and top. Olive's dress can be found here (sold out- but from here), shoes here, and her bow here!

Traveling? How to win the armrest battle. ;)

Wishlist: this cardigan, these slides, this sweater and this sports bra.

And I'm loving ANY of these pretty, splurge-worthy pieces. So pretty.

How to be a better listener.

I can't wait to see this movie!

The worst life hacks of 2017.

Absolutely love this outfit on Chelsea.

Motherhood is hard to get wrong.

I want to smell this candle in person! It sounds so lovely.

Why are more American teenagers than ever suffering from anxiety?

25 trips of a lifetime.

How to let go of things.

2017 search popularity- a huge list.

Do you do Elf on a Shelf? We do not.

Why tired mothers stay up so late.

Wishlist (home): these napkins, this ottoman, this bedding, and this table.

No college in the future?

Are the Real Housewives going stale?

The kids would love these!

On living in the moment.

And on "inbox zero."

Now you can buy plants on Amazon. Or maybe you always could, but it's new to me.

My favorite bathing suits! It's funny (and ridiculous) that I'm now officially excited for spring/summer.

This is another swimsuit line I love.

And finally, an interesting read: Motherhood and Instagram.


The Polar Express 2017

The Christmas spirit was alive and well in the Hampton house this year and we took full advantage of every bit of it! The Polar Express is something we always look forward to, and this year we decided to get everyone in on the fun- all three sets of grandparents, my sister and Lucy. We were just missing Hank's sister and her wife, but maybe next year! The Polar Express runs out of Williams, which is about an hour and a half drive from our house. Our family's ranch is up that way, so we made a weekend out of it. There wasn't any snow yet (sad!), but it still felt SO Christmas-y and special.

I'm pretty sure there are Polar Express trains all over the country, so if you're interested definitely check it out where you are. The one here follows lots of details in the book, and they also do a reading of the book on the train, so bringing your own copy is key. The whole experience is so special, and each year it's just as fun because the kids love it so much. I sometimes think about the fact that Henry is 7- I'm not sure how many more "magic" years we have, so I'll take all I can get. 

Another thing I wanted to include in this post is a bit about how we travel with Olive. I get a ton of questions about the items we use and love, so I snapped a few photos at the ranch to share. We always take along our 4moms Breeze (see photos below!)- it's the very best portable crib/pack-n-play we've used over the past 7 years and literally a "breeze" to travel with, open and close, etc. I shared a post about it with a very tiny Charlie here, and I highly recommend it for every parent. You can use it in the beginning thanks to the bassinet feature, and then later for all sorts of things- for containing a moving baby while you cook dinner, sleeping away from home...the list goes on. Check it out here- it's well worth it in my opinion and something that will totally hold up kid after kid.

We also always bring our Owlet with us, and we've found this GoPro case to be perfect for traveling with it. It's a hard case and perfectly holds the Owlet sock, cords, and everything else, as well as our monitor and our travel white noise machine (a must-have!). I have a baby product update coming soon, and I'll be including more on the Owlet there too, so let me know if you have any questions.


My hat (Topshop sold out- similar here)
My thermal top (love this so much)
My jacket
My jeans (BEST ever)
Olive's hat (sold out but from Zara)
Baby carrier