Wednesday, November 28, 2018

5 Questions from Instagram

Hey friends! Happy Wednesday. I'm spending this morning working for a few hours and figured I would get a blog post up while I'm at it. How are you? I am great- Veronica and I had a Mothers in Bloom event last night, and it went so well! We did a Sip and Shop at a local boutique with 20% of the evening's sales going to Teens' Closet, a local organization that provides clothing and personal necessities to teens in need. They are doing amazing things and it was great to partner up with them. We'll find out later today what we raised and I'm looking forward to finding out. Other than that things have been busy but so good. I have so much to share but I thought I'd quickly answer a few questions I've gotten frequently on Instagram lately! I'll be back soon with a better update. Here we go--

1. Where is your dress from you wore to that Gala the other weekend? See it here.

I loved that dress you guys! It's so sparkly and pretty in person and Olive loved it! It was so cute, she sat with me while I got ready and kept saying- "pretty mama." Melted my heart! But yes- here is the dress. I highly recommend it if you have a fancier event coming up. It was comfortable and wore very well! Another favorite place for formal dresses is here- sort by price and start low! There are some amazing finds.

2. What are you getting the boys and Olive for Christmas? 

We typically get the kids each one big gift, and a few smaller things, as well as a shared experience or trip if we can make it work. Then they each get stockings that are filled with fun little things, snacks, a couple pieces of candy, etc. We don't go overboard with Christmas, and I try to give really useful things they'll be able to use everyday and love. This year Olive is getting a dollhouse, a set of these Women in Science books, and a playhouse for outside. Henry is getting a new bike, both he and Charlie are getting one of these to get excited for the new pool this summer and a TON of books. As for Charlie, we still are unsure about this "big" gift! He really wants a Power Wheels Jeep but I can't decide if he's too big! Any suggestions for a 5 year old?

3. Where did you get this sweater?

I wear this sweater constantly- I LOVE it. It's so comfy, so well-made and worth every penny! You can see it here. Here are a couple other sweaters (one and two) I am loving this Fall/Winter. I wear the same three all the time.

4. Do I have to sell oils if I get a Starter Kit from you? 

I get this question constantly and the answer is a big NO! :) You never have to. You can simply enjoy the products and oils like I have for years! No pressure ever. I'm just here to help you make your house smell like Anthropologie and help everyone feel their best! You can read more here, and sign up too. I'd love to have you!

5. What are you currently reading?

SO many books right now! I'm only going to share one because I have a whole post coming up including everything, but I am really enjoying this series. I'm on book two and it's just a really fun, entertaining read. Definitely check it out!


Thursday, November 22, 2018

Weekly Links

Cutie Olive, in her favorite spot to snack! She loves watching the deer.

So many sales happening this weekend. Do you guys agree that with Cyber Monday it's just kind of a weekend of deals? I'm doing $25 back on Starter kits over on my wellness account, so that's kept me really busy!  Click here and message me with any questions. As far as shopping we didn't have anything major on our list and we stayed up all day today, but I did grab a few clothing items that will be great going into the winter during the Shopbop sale. It's going on until Sunday so hop to it! ALL the best brands- Madewell too- and with code MORE18 you'll get 15% off orders of $200+, 20% off orders of $500+, and 25% off orders of $800+. This is the time to stock up denim, boots, etc! Here are a couple of my faves from the sale followed by 10 fun links to click!

Obsessed with all of these shoes!

Current favorite things: velvet scrunchies.

I get one of these planners every single year! Love them.

I want allllll of the cute winter boots. This is my favorite brand for boots and you can't go wrong with any of these.

And now onto some fun articles to read and interesting things to click--

What If Makeup Didn’t Have to Be a Tentpole of Womanhood?

Ina Garten and the stupidest thing she's ever done.

100 websites that shaped the internet as we know it.

A funny little piece- a different kind of 30 under 30.

Do you like canned cranberry sauce? I really love it!

The best time management apps.

I will always remember these fondly!

7 tips for raising socially aware children.

Did you do a Friendsgiving?

And finally, how to be the "go-to" house.


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

How to Make Your House Smell Like Anthropologie

You guys probably know the exact smell I'm talking about- the one that gently comes over you as you walk into any Anthropologie store. Literally, walk into any Anthro and it all smells the same! It's homey and fresh and just makes you want to pause and stay awhile. I love it! I wanted to share a fun way to achieve that same vibe and smell, without their famous Volcano candles. We've been slowly making the switch to more non-toxic things in our home, and candles were some of the first things to go. There is a ton of information on how bad it is to breathe in candles all the time (I used to LOVE candles so much!), and once I read more about it I decided to ditch them in favor of diffuser blends. There are SO many amazing ones, and they're especially great during the holidays for making your home super cozy, all while supporting your immune systems and emotions. It's very cool. 

Here's our "famous" Anthropologie Diffuser Blend:

4 drops Orange
4 drops Grapefruit
3 drops Idaho Blue Spruce (can substitute for Nothern Lights Black Spruce also)
2 drops Geranium

Put all of these into your diffuser and you've got yourself the best smelling home on the block!

I also wanted to share our amazing November bundle we've got going on if you're in the market for a diffuser, the whole kit to get you started, and then alllll the oils for our Anthropologie blend and our Unicorn Roller (I'll share more about this in an upcoming post) an extra diffuser for a bedroom, kid room, etc. If you want more info on this, just leave a comment below or email me I'd love to welcome you into this part of my life and give you all the resources and info, and be with your every step of the way!


Thursday, November 1, 2018

Halloween 2018

Another year in the books! We love Halloween, and especially Halloween in our little town. It really is the CUTEST! If you get a chance, take a look back through our previous Halloween posts- it's so fun to see all of our costumes from year's past and check out all the festive fun. This year was extra great because Olive was so into it. She picked out her own costume- she's obsessed with Minnie Mouse- and really enjoyed getting dressed up. She was also super into trick-or-treating and wasn't scared of anything, which was surprising! I think the boys were more scared of some of the spookier things than she was! Henry and Charlie were both Harry Potter, and they were the cutest little Harrys I've ever seen.

We always head to Mt. Vernon a little before 4pm to grab some photos and let the little ones enjoy the empty-ish street, and then after an hour or so head over to another area we love! It's SO much fun and every single year I'm overwhelmed with love for our festive town!

I hope you had an amazing Halloween onto CHRISTMAS! Yay!


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A Quick Trip to Sedona + Dahl & DiLuca

Sedona. Have you been there? I've shared many posts about it for a couple reasons- one, it's very close to us (about 65 miles away) and two, it's THE perfect place for a quick getaway. Sedona is home to amazing resorts, fabulous food, and some of the most gorgeous scenery you'll ever take in.

This time around I was invited to spend the night to check out Dahl & DiLuca, a long-time pillar in the Sedona restaurant world, and sample their new Romanticismo Decadente Menu. The menu looked amazing (see a photo below)- but after Hank reviewed his schedule we realized it wasn't going to work for both of us to go without the kids. The next best thing? Enjoying an evening away with two other loves of my life, two of my college best friends and soul sisters, Autumn and Shirley. Romance with your significant other is so important, but I really believe that dating your friends is just as crucial to living a fulfilled life as well! We need our girlfriends! So we decided to put a little spin on the restaurant's aim and focus on our friend love. Perfect.

We arrived in Sedona Monday evening, and got settled in our cute room at the Sedona Rogue. Our room was on the first floor and opened right into a great patio with comfy chairs, and led out to a large courtyard with multiple firepits and views of the red rocks. We had some wine, sat around and caught up, and got excited about the evening to come. The three of us lived together for years in college and beyond, so whenever we get together it really feels as though no time has passed. I feel so lucky about that.

Around 6:45pm we headed over to Dahl and DiLuca- it's located right across the street- and the second we walked in the door we were handed glasses of Prosecco, and immediately immersed in the old-world charm the whole place exuded. The dim lighting, the beautiful interior, it all lends itself to the loveliest ambiance that was absolutely made for extra-special date nights- or extra-special girlfriend date nights, in our case.

The evening was perfect- we enjoyed multiple courses with wine pairings (my favorite was the ravioli- so good!), and we spent hours sitting and eating and drinking and laughing. It was heavenly. Chef Lisa Dahl herself even came over and spent some time chatting with us. We were able to ask her some questions about where she draws inspiration from and all three of us were completely wowed by her! She is truly a BOSS in every sense of the word and Autumn, Shirley and myself all took away something from that conversation. She is inspiring and I certainly won't be forgetting the special  touch she added to our evening. Thank you, Chef Dahl.

A quick note for anyone local too- now through November 30, Chef Dahl is celebrating two decades of success and the charming history of her first-ever restaurant with the four-course menu we got to try- the Romanticismo Decadente Menu- and its priced from $65 per person. This would be the best date night and I hope all of you go experience it. And if you do, please let me know!

We ended the night with dessert, headed back to our hotel and immediately got in pajamas (matching, of course!). The three of us enjoyed wine by the fire until our tired mama selves called it a night around 11pm and drifted off to sleep, bellies full of the most delicious Italian food.

The next day we headed on a mini-hike to soak up some Fall goodness and Sedona did not disappoint. We spend the morning breathing in crisp mountain air and working up an appetite...and can you guess where we eat? ANOTHER one of Lisa's restaurants- Mariposa. And oh my did NOT disappoint. See the soup we enjoyed as an appetizer below!

Thank you Dahl & DiLuca and the Sedona Rouge for the most wonderful quick trip. I can't wait to return soon and enjoy a date night with Hank- he will absolutely love it!

Dinner and overnight stay provided by Dahl & DiLuca and the Sedona Rouge. All opinions are my own.