Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Movie Trailer Heaven

If you're anything like me, you could watch hours of movie trailers. I love them! Last night I fell into a black hole of YouTube trailers and thought I would share some that caught my eye. Are you planning on seeing any of these?



Monday, August 29, 2016

Cracking the Code with the Code-a-pillar

Did you guys catch my last post about the Code-a-pillar? I talked a lot about how we've really pared down the amount of toys in our home, and have been trying to really focus on the "quality over quantity" thing in all areas, but especially with the kids' toys. We actually got rid of our playroom recently, in favor of storing the boys' toys in their closet. We did this after donating a huge percentage of the toys in our home- I want to say maybe 80% of them- and it was great. I also felt like the playroom was sorely underused and a completely mis-utilized space in our home, and it felt good to start the process of repurposing it. And would you believe the boys play MORE with their toys now? They have a small amount, but I've found that what they've selected as their "musts" in their closets are everyday go-to toys, and everyone is a lot happier. 

The Code-a-pillar was a "must" on both boys' lists, and over the past month or two has become something they play with often. When we first got it, the boys would have fun setting it up, watching it move around the living room, laugh when it would run into something, etc. But now...oh man- these kids have gotten into it. They've both really tapped into the "coding" component of the toy, which as a Mom I love, and create elaborate maps for the cute little guy to follow. If you haven't yet tried a Code-a-pillar, the children can construct long codes for it to follow based on the different pieces. They can plan ahead, mix it up however they'd like, and watch it follow their every direction. Henry is especially into this, and the map I included here is one he did this morning. He'll take all the pieces apart, write out the sequence, they put it back together and watch it go! Sometimes they'll set up obstacles (themselves or items around the house), and it keeps both of the boys busy for long periods of time! Plus, they get super excited every time they "crack the code" and high fives abound!

I'm always happy to partner up with Fisher-Price, but this time I was extra pleased. Our whole family really has a great time with the Code-a-pillar, and I highly recommend it for any little one who loves to laugh and have fun! ;) The critical thinking component is such a bonus, and I know this will be a toy the boys will continue to play with for a long time to come. And before I go, feel free to pop over to Fisher-Price's Facebook page and follow along- they'll be sharing some fun videos over the next couple of months you'll want to check out! Thanks for reading. 


This post shared in partnership with Fisher-Price.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Musings From a Star Wars Sweatshirt

Tonight I sat on Henry's floor sorting laundry to put away in his drawers, when I came across his hooded Star Wars sweatshirt. I immediately was brought back to 2010, walking through an Old Navy somewhere. Maybe here in Prescott before it closed, maybe in Phoenix. But the biggest thing I remember is being pregnant. I had just found out I was having a boy, and I had spent the day hunting for cool baby boy clothes. This was actually much harder than it sounds back then, and the pickings were so slim. But when I found this sweatshirt I was so happy. Hank loves Star Wars so I knew this would be so exciting for him, even though it was a size 6T...which was HUGE to me in comparison to the newborn clothes I'd been buying.

I brought it home, washed and hung it up. That sweatshirt was almost a joke to us- there we were, about to have a tiny baby, and we had a really large, big kid sweatshirt hanging in the nursery closet. It was such a silly juxtaposition that we had to laugh- but to me it was almost a reminder that he will fit into this one day, and how fast that time will go by.

And now it's over six years later and I'm sitting on Henry's floor folding the sweatshirt up to put away in his drawer. I've folded newborn clothing on this very floor, baby items, toddler odds and ends...and now this. It's exactly the right size right now, if just a little short. In the blink of an eye it fit him, and in equal quickness he'll soon grow out of it. And I can remember the first time he put it on. I had forgotten about the sweatshirt after so many years, but we were going through his closet, making room for new bigger sizes and I saw it there, in the very back. Henry was so excited- he put it on right away and of course...it fit. It was one of those weird moments, when time goes back and speeds up so quickly to the present, all in the same breath.

Parenting has been like that for me- long days but short years, everything seeming slow while I'm in it, but speeding way by too quickly in retrospect. I think back to that expectant mother I once was- I had no idea what the future would hold for me, for us. And here we are, that once-huge sweatshirt being worn to kindergarten, being worn to soccer practice, being tried on by another little one, a brother, asking me when he'll be big enough to fit into it...when I actually know the truth- so, so much sooner than he could ever guess.

This is life. Time goes by. But for tonight, I'm hugging my babies a little tighter, in an effort to slow it all down even for just one moment.


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fall Is (Almost) Here!

My favorite season is almost here, and because it's almost September I feel like it's totally okay to talk about Fall right? We're so close. Every single year I get that same inspired feeling, and a huge pull to refresh my wardrobe. I love Fall clothing- layers and flannel, heavier coats and sweaters. It just makes me happy! Today I wanted to share a wishlist of some of my favorite things that are definitely on my list for this season! Enjoy.

Overalls! Love 'em or hate 'em, they're all over the place. Loving this pair. And here are a ton of overalls at different price points.

This dress
 would be more for a warm Fall day, but I'm loving it. And one more too.

This sweater is at the TOP of my list. I love it so much.

I'm not sure if I could pull it off, but I really like this jumper!

For the past couple of years I've gotten a new BB Dakota coat- both my favorite red plaid one and white one are from here.

Give me all the soft knits: one, two, and three.

I love this dress for a night out, or a dressier occasion. I've been so into high necks lately.

One of my splurges for this Fall will be a Clare V. clutch. These are all so great. Which would you pick?

And on the topic of Clare V. stuff, aren't these totes amazing? My favorite is the Alice.

Loving these culottes. Simple and cute.

Have you tried WAYF clothing yet? I recently got a dress and think it's great quality for the price.

Some Old Navy picks: this dress, these overalls, and this top.

This maxi dress is so beautiful for a Fall special event.

This is a great, easy tee that would be perfect layered under a flannel. I also need to stock up on some basics for layering- Free People tees are always my go to.

I get asked all the time where my favorite go-to is for booties- and it's right here: Dolce Vita ankle boots all the way. Best ever.

The perfect Fall sweater dress.

Did you see this dress in my recent Weekend Links post? It arrived and I'm in love!

Another splurge for me this Fall will be a pair of Karen Walkers. There are a ton to choose from- I love ordering from Shopbop (and link them often) because you can use your Prime shipping! So fast.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Weekend Links

Happy Sunday! We had the best day today celebrating Charlie's birthday with our close friends. It was a total low-key party at the YMCA, swimming and cake- and it was a great time. The photo up there says it all, right? Charlie's face is everything. Now I'm catching up on emails and thought I would share some links before I hit the hay. I have some fun things to share and I hope you enjoy!

I posted about this dry shampoo on Snapchat yesterday and got SO many questions. It's by far the best I've ever used- you need to try it!

A quick and inspiring read: An Experiment in Simple Meditation.

Wishlist: new Fall/Winter boots for impending cold weather (yay!) and this dress for an upcoming wedding.

What a beautiful woman! Inspiring.

A Guide to Overcoming Procrastination and Finding Focus.

Interesting: 10 Things I Learned from Hitchhiking.

I love: these jacketsthis dress (ordered it last week!), and these sneakers.

10 Effortless Things that Clutter-Free People Do Every Day.

White Male Privilege Is Why We Laugh At Lochte And Vilify Douglas.

I love this post. It got me really, really excited about cozying up this Fall.

I recently got back into pinning. That sound ridiculous but come find me!

So the boys' school has a big auction/gala every Autumn and this year our theme is Old Hollywood. Bring on ALL the sequin gowns!

I can't wait to start baking pies as soon as it starts to really cool off. All of these look great.

Doesn't this book look good? As a non-religious person I'm a little wary that it's a Christian book, but the reviews say it's not pushy at all. I think I'm going to give it a whirl.

And finally, read this! It's a long read, but so fascinating.

Have a great Monday!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Light-Up Sneakers and Growing Up With Our Little Ones

This post is brought to you in partnership with Zappos and Stride Rite.

Okay, first of all, I'm not sure if what I'm about to say is an effect of having multiple kids, or just growing up and making some important realizations myself, but it's just such a funny thing to step back and observe. First, I need to set the stage for you. When I was pregnant with Henry my Mom would often want to go shopping for baby clothes. I had SO many opinions on what I wanted my future son to wear- absolutely no character clothing, no cheesy prints, none of that at all. And I held fast to those rules for the most part. And even as he grew I continued to have these ideas of what he should and shouldn't wear. The no character thing continued, but things like light-up shoes were also on the list.

I look back at this now and sheepishly laugh at myself. Why on earth was I so adamant about such unimportant things? And worse, things that would make my kids so happy? Oh, but thank goodness for living and learning right? Now the boys wear what makes them happy...for the most part. But I've relaxed a lot and realized it's all about what makes THEM smile, not what makes me feel like they're dressed to my aesthetic pleasing.

So when we went back to school shopping for the boys, one of the big things on Charlie's list were light up shoes! I remember these from back when I was a kid- I thought they were the coolest. We picked out these pair of Stride Rite Leepz together, and when they arrived a day later (thank you Zappos faster than fast shipping) he was in heaven. They were actually the wrong size, so we had to swap them out, but Zappos sent an immediate replacement that arrived the next day! We just hopped on their live chat and did an easy exchange. Oh, and if your child is more into pink than blue, they have other choices here.

So yes, lessons learned all around...for myself, relax a little bit. Allow my kids to enjoy all the things that make childhood so fun, and let go of the funny ideas I have in my head of what I think looks best. And for Charlie, yes- light up shoes are everything he dreamed of, and so much more. ;) They're cute, comfy, and they look pretty great from both our points of view.

As always thanks to Zappos for the amazing customer service and fast shipping of these rad shoes. We are loyal customers and I always feel extra lucky to be able to work with them in this space (see our most recent collab here)- I sincerely can't recommend them enough.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Kindergarten Transition...Plus Henry's New Workspace

Kindergarten! Can you believe it? Because we live in Arizona, Henry's been in a school for a couple of weeks already and it's going so well. He's really been enjoying all of the "extras" that come along with this new grade- more independence, Pizza lunch on Fridays...and homework! They actually don't do much homework, but today he got his very first assignment and was chomping at the bit to get home and complete it.

This age is so fun- he turns six this Fall and as much as I loved the baby years, this stage is the best. I love the conversations we have, the long talks and hearing his opinions on everything and anything. And kindergarten is already proving to be such a neat thing in his life- he comes up everyday buzzing with so much new info and excited to tell us allllll about it. This past week he couldn't stop talking about mummies and pyramids, and today he was so excited to tell us all about what he had learned in French class.

My wish for him is that he always remains this friendly, inquisitive, and kind. It's kind of hard to let our little ones out into the world- are they ready? Did we prepare them enough? I came across this post on Facebook (from IG) and I loved it. I discussed something similar with Henry as he began school, and as he gets older I hope to continue to have this conversation. Inspiring right?

So yes, kindergarten is going so well, although it still hits me from time to time that we're actually here! Because one of the things Henry was most excited about was homework, he also requested a special workspace just for him. Right now it will probably entertain more LEGOs than homework, but this is a space that will totally grow with him.

We worked with Land of Nod and Wayfair on this project, and I think it turned out great. And most importantly, Henry LOVES it. Simple, uncluttered, but still bright and inspiring.

Below are all the sources and info, if you'd like to check out the items for yourself! And right now both Wayfair and Land of Nod are having amazing Back to School promotions- tons of huge deals at Wayfair, and Land of Nod is offering 15% off desks and school items. Also, all items below are c/o with the exception of the backpack and books.

Desk: We did the Adjustable Hi-Fi Play Table so we could use it as a table or desk. It's BIG and really really great for so many purposes. We added the extender legs on to make it higher but you can also leave it at table height.

Yellow Shell Side Chair: This chair is in Henry's favorite color. Well made and sturdy, we love it.

Blue pouf: Henry uses this to sit on, but also rest his feet since he's still a little short for his legs to touch the ground.

White filing cabinet: We actually use this to house all of Henry and Charlie's art supplies. It's the perfect size for everything, and easy on the eyes too.

Gallery Art Rail: Aren't these great? These are so easy to use, simply lift up the rail and it holds art in place without bending or ruining it. I love how simple it makes switching out school and artwork whenever we please.

Desk mat: This is the perfect non-slip protector that Henry says is great for LEGO-building! They have a bigger size available too.

Globe light: Both of the boys love this light! It's the perfect size and it's fun to display whether it's lit up or not. It also make a great night light as it's not too bright.

Pizza pendant: Pizza. On a pendant. Enough said!

Shark poster: Henry loves all things sharks so this was a big YES for him as soon as he saw it. I love this artist, and that the artwork is great for younger and older kids alike.

Lime pencil holder: A fun, functional pop of color!

Grass Organizer: Isn't this fun? It reminds me of the grass drying rack we use dishes, except pencil sized! The perfect, fun, desktop organizer.

White Locker Bin: These are great for all types of storage. We have a couple, and they also fit in the cube storage in the boys' closets.

Backpack: See a similar one here, and check out more backpack options here.

Books: Gaston and Leonardo the Terrible Monster. Two of our MOST favorite books ever. Must-reads for you and your kiddos!


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