Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Packing for Mexico!

We are headed to Mexico in a little less than 2 weeks and I am so excited! I haven't been to Mexico since college, and I'm really looking forward to some beach time with family and friends. We rented a big house for our family and two of our friends' families, and I'll share more details about where we're staying, etc. soon!

Before you hop into these links, know I'll be sharing a ton from Shopbop and they are having an insane sale. 20% off all orders under $500 and 25% off all orders over $500 with code STOCKUP18. It's the BEST time to stock up on denim, pricier sunglasses, and any of the brands you love that they carry. For me that means ALL of the Madewell!

Now, onto the fun vacation items --

First, I recently discovered this brand and I am loving it. I picked up a couple of the jumpsuits for end of summer and especially this trip.

Eberjey is always my go-to for swimsuits. They're comfortable and I feel like their one pieces are great "Mom suits," which to me means good for chasing around kiddos.

Target had some great beachy things: one, two, and three.

I LOVE all of these fun beach bags. And I also grabbed one of these to bring along.

So cute: this skirt, this cover up, and this dress.

These are our fam's favorite suitcases.

This dress will be perfect with lace up sandals.

Obsessed with this swimsuit!

And finally- ALL the Soludos. Love this brand of shoes so much.

Can't wait to share pics from our trip so soon!


ps have you guys tried Stitch Fix yet? I used it years ago and recently tried it again. I'm loving it! Not sponsored whatsoever, but will share more later! Here's my referral link to sign up if you want to try it too!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Weekend Fall Favorites

It's Sunday, which is one of my favorite days of the week- especially now that football season is here. Football has always been a huge part of my life growing up because my family loves sports, but I always kind of avoided sitting around and watching the games. As I get older though I really enjoy it, and I especially love the whole feel of game day. The snacks, the cozy blankets and our whole family  and friends gathering together. It's really, really fun. This photo is from last weekend- our friend Tony spent the day with us and we grilled, made epic nachos and had a great time watching a sad game. ;)

And today I wanted to share a few weekend favorites with all of you! I hope you have a beautiful Sunday, whether you're watching your team, or enjoying some of this early Fall weather.


First, check out my "Diffuse and Groove" playlist for this week! And try this diffuser blend while you listen- "Warm Apple Cider" 4 drops each Cinnamon Bark + Nutmeg + Orange. LOVE! And if you want to sign up, Starter Kits are 10% off until Tuesday plus $25 back from me. Go, go, go!

I am deep into the process of decorating our home! We just got these lights for over the wood island, and I'll share photos of the whole updated kitchen and dining area soon. Chairs, all new lights, etc! I'm so happy with how it's coming together.

Loving all of the cozy Fall sweatshirts and this green hoodie came in the mail. I'm in love. It's perfect with my favorite pair of high waisted leggings.

Dreaming of all of the Fall color hikes we'll be taking so soon.

When I think of Fall, I think of this brand. Isn't that funny? Would you agree?

So many amazing Halloween decorations out right now- I am loving everything at Pottery Barn right now: this cute and festive pillow, these pumpkins and this sign.

Speaking of signs, I am OBSESSED with our "Come As You Are" sign from The Green Elephant. It's perfect!

I think I need to get myself some new glasses. I used to wear them on occasion, but I think my prescription was way off. Now that I'm post babies I think my eyes have gotten even worse. I'm thinking of ordering some of these...IG try on coming soon.

And finally, watch this to kick off you Sunday- I love her energy so much!

Have the best day!


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Best Children's Halloween Book

As you all know we LOVE books in our home. Every year we anticipate Fall and the holiday months, because it means our big box of festive books comes out and we get to rediscover the magic all over again. I have a post scheduled for next week that includes all of our favorites, but each year we also add a special book or two to our collection. And this year, we've found THE most darling Halloween book of all time- How to Make Friends with a Ghost, by Rebecca Green.

If you purchase one Halloween book this year, make it this one. It's the loveliest story- full of the sweetest details that kids and adult with both love. It even made me shed a tear at the end. And the illustrations! It's perfect, from cover to cover and I know you and your family will LOVE it.

If you get it, please let me know what you think!

Happy haunting!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Weekly Links

Happy Saturday everyone! How are you? We are having a slow couple days at home this weekend, because I head out on a trip next weekend with a few girlfriends. So we're soaking up some good family time today and tomorrow, and getting lots of projects done. First up is getting the gym put together in the RV garage. We're not RV people, and we just sold my Mom's for her, so we are converting that big space into a gym! On today's agenda is clearing out everything, cleaning it out, and hopefully getting ready to install the new flooring. We use horse stall mats and they work great! Before we jump into our day though I wanted to share some links I've enjoyed from this past week. I hope you enjoy browsing. xoxo

Read this: You Don’t Have to Answer: In Defense of Ignoring Texts.

On saying no.

Did you see my recent catch-up post?

I really like Miranda Kerr- and enjoyed reading this.

Wishlist: a new gemstone bracelet, this simple but cute tee, and this tray for at home.

Do things that scare you.

4 keys to mindful parenting.

Olive has been loving jewelry, and as someone who doesn't wear a ton of it, I'm inspired to broaden my collection. Love all of these fun pieces.

Why you need to unplug regularly.

Love this card. And all of them, actually.

About Steve Jobs, via his daughter.

We're headed to Mexico in a about a month and a half and I would love everything from this line!

And more Mexico must-haves: any of these bags, or these! How cute!

My next splurge: a pair of these.

Some Target finds: one, two, and three.

Read this: Seven Things I’ve Learned as a Beautiful Woman Who is Not Beautiful.

How I made peace with my family's silent dinners.

Madewell everything for Fall please.

All about CBD oil.

And finally, what podcasts taught me about life.


Thursday, August 23, 2018

A Proper Catch Up

Hey friends! Did you see my blog-related question on Instagram a couple weeks ago? I asked what everyone would love to see on this blog, because I'm feeling inspired to jump back into it. I got hundreds of replies and it was so incredibly interesting to see what you all thought. The main theme was- essays and thoughts on everything, everyday things from photos to what I'm eating, essential oils, and recommendations- books, shows, you name. Also quite a few requests for business pointers and time management. So basically everything! I felt a little overwhelmed at first- where do I start? That's a LOT to cover as I get caught up. But I think the best place is probably with an update.

After my father passed away I used this space a lot. Writing felt so good. I wrote a lot of things here I also didn't publish as I was pretty much writing here or in my journal everyday. But then as I began to move through a lot of those emotions I didn't want to write about it anymore. I didn't want to wake up and feel sad. And now a few months later the sad parts come when I don't expect them, but I'm able to feel them, move through them, and don't have the urge to sit down and process through words. Grief is a funny thing- I didn't really know what it was before. Sure, we've lost close friends but a parent? No. And the feelings come at the strangest time- a memory, a hint of a smell in the air, bits of a song from an adjacent car.

It's almost September which means it's almost time for so many of my favorite things- Fall itself, soccer season, cool weather, all of the holidays and fun festive events, windows open, hikes in the changing leaves- I feel so inspired and energized during this time. And this summer was awesome. Low key with some trips here and there (I'll share some photos from NJ and CA soon) but more than anything I just wanted to be on the back deck hanging with the fam. A couple girls' trips were also so good for my soul and I'm thankful I got to spend that time with some of my sweet friends.

[gingham top from second photo & my top - jeans - boots from photo above]

The kids are so big- Henry is almost 8, Charlie is 5, and Olive is almost 18 months old. Last month there was a week where I was thinking so much about our family. I had previously said that we are DONE having babies, but as I was packing up Olive's baby items to donate or pass down, it was emotional. Am I ready to not have another baby? Am I okay to close this chapter? After a week of revisiting the solid no I thought I felt, I moved through maybe to yes, to maybe again, to no. It helps that Hank is completely done, but I knew I could convince him if I really felt a certain way. But no, we are good. And it's okay to be complete. My longing to snuggle babies and feel little kicks inside my belly may never go away, but it is time to leave this behind and move forward. I feel immeasurable lucky to have three healthy little ones and we are going to be just fine without a fourth. Maybe even better- I will certainly be a little more sane!

In other news, work is trucking along with my client load including Ergobaby, Veer and Raskin's. The oils side is growing quickly and I'm so excited- more on this later. And I have a very fun project I'm going to launch any day now, as soon as I do one last thing. It's really for anyone who enjoys reading this blog- I believe you'll love this too!

And what else? We are settling more into our home. We've been here for four months which seems so short but also feels so comfortably long. It feels like home, probably because it was Hank's home! We're just getting to so many projects- changing a few things up, beginning to decorate and make it "ours," and enjoying all of the outdoor spaces, especially as it begins to get cooler at night. One of my girlfriends is helping us with the design process, and the first thing just arrived yesterday (our dining room light!) and I'll share some photos after its installed tomorrow.

I'm so happy to be here and to share this update- I am looking forward to more to come.


Saturday, August 11, 2018

Weekend Playlist- Diffuse and Groove!

Good morning friends! I wanted to share a fun playlist this morning! I'm actually starting something new over on my oils Instagram but I thought I would house it here, so even if you're not on the oils train you could enjoy the music. So if that's you, just ignore the diffuser blend part, and listen, but if you're curious you can read more here if you want in on that part too. Regardless, I hope you enjoy and have the best day! Happy Saturday.

Today's diffuser blend to accompany this slow Saturday vibes playlist --

In your diffuser: add 3 drops Peace and Calming, 3 drops Orange, and 3 drops Stress Away! If you only have your Starter Kit handy, try 4 drops Citrus Fresh and 4 drops Stress Away.

In your speakers, play the Spotify playlist embedded below...and enjoy.


Friday, July 27, 2018

End of Summer Favorites

End of summer? Say what? So crazy how fast this summer has flown by. But now we're two days before school starts for Henry and I can't even believe it. It's exciting and a little bittersweet all rolled into one.

I wanted to share some of the pretty things I have my eye on as we get into August...and onto FALL! I am so excited for this season you guys. It's my favorite time of the year (until Christmas rolls around) and I am unapologetically counting down!

Here are some faves -

I got a new bathing I absolutely love- see the whole line here.

I have this top in the wrap style and love it- will need to grab one of these too! Loving the red.

It's visor weather and I am wanting this Brixton one!

Some Target finds: one, two, and three.

Are you a wrap dress person? I LOVE them! Here are some good ones: one and two. And one of each of these, please!

Are you a clog person? I have my eye on these.

These Chloe boots are at the top of my wishlist. A big splurge but I just loooove them!

If you want to treat yourself to some of the softest tees, get any of these. The Good Luck one is perfect.

I love this line of jewelry. I have a couple of the gemstone bracelets but everything is gorgeous!

Just ordered this from Free People- it's so pretty!

I am a huge fan of Madewell bags and pouches. I change out my handbags often and have a whole bunch of these! So well made.

This sweater is so great- looks so cozy!

Happy shopping!