Saturday, November 29, 2008

christmas is here again


it's so weird being a teacher. all of my time is split into half-quarters, quarters, semesters, makes my time fly by. this is a good thing, but also shocking when all of a sudden i realize that half a year is almost over, like i did this morning. so yes, christmas is almost here. the fifth i have spent with my amazing husband, but the actual first we have spend as a married couple. exciting!

i should also probably address the usage of this blog. i have had an active blogspot since last spring, but i decided to get rid of it and start fresh here. there are so many big life changes coming up and i want to, have to document them. i have had my livejournal since the nineties so i figure it is time to start something new. i will still post in the good ole lj, but that is more for personal stuff. here i am hoping to share inspiration, photos, want lists, things that make me happy, commentary on everything and anything. who knows if this blog will slowly become my main journal, but it's fun to have a clean slate and blank space.

here's to the new!

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