Wednesday, December 3, 2008

afternoon snack

afternoon snack, originally uploaded by daniellehampton.

hank is so sweet and had this ready for me when i got home, in addition to cutting up a whole bowl full of fresh veggies for later. i am a lucky girl. a lucky girls who loves veggies!


  1. I guess im de-lurking to say hello. I just found your blog cause i was looking at your wedding pictures which i had found on Your wedding looked amazing. It caught my attention because my dress is VERY much like yours. It was cool to see someone else wearing something so similar. I was checking out your bustle and how it moved on the dance floor. Wow - Did i really just type that?! I swear im not a wierdo.

    Anyways - best of luck to you guys!

    Ill be checking your blog often, its super cute.

  2. hi jen!
    so glad you said hello! and thank you for the compliments. i would love to see photos from your wedding too! i am going to check out your blog now- we should be friends! so nice to meet you :)

  3. Im new to this blogging thing so i wasnt sure if i should comment on your page or mine...

    Yes im from NJ - central NJ. Getting married in Spring Lake in May 2009. Where abouts are you from?

  4. i live in az now but i grew up in jackson, nj! i love it so much and still spend a few weeks at the shore every summer. and wow, your wedding is in may! we got married may 31st! are you soo excited?!


  5. Oh thats neat. How long ago did you move to AZ? My little cousin lives out there, but i've never been..

    I love the Jersey shore. It gets a bad rap though. We go to Seaside at least once a year to people watch, but i spend most days at other beaches :) Thats so funny that you grew up in Jackson... i had no idea.

    I am excited. We are getting married on our 9 year anniversary. Im trying to keep the wedding some what traditional but definitely putting our own spin on many aspects. Its going to be one big party. We are down to 5 months - i feel like i have so much to do. But ive been planning for over a year already so im actually ahead of the game at this point. Its exciting!

    PS - Ill add your blog too!