Tuesday, December 23, 2008


cheap and new, originally uploaded by daniellehampton.

i wear flats most days to work so i am always looking for cute ones. i love these new ones i recently got- cute and cheap! i got them in black as well. i don't wear my nice shoes to work because in the past i have spilled printer ink, got whiteboard marker on them (how i don't know), or got stepped on by a muddy foot in our crowded hallway. last year i ruined my favorite white tory burch revas and i have been cautious every since. so yay for these, i don't care if they get trampled and they're still super cute.


  1. Lets hang out when you are in town! we can go to the cute teeny tiny diner my house and get sweet toast and drink iced tea!
    It's an old fashioned valentine trailer diner.

  2. Those are some really cute flats! I'm sure the black ones are just as super cute as those are!