Sunday, December 14, 2008

good morning, sunday

good morning! i slept pretty well last night despite madeline wanting to play from 2am-5am. now i am just laying here in bed contemplating whether to go to the gym now or wait until 4pm or so when it clears out. hmmm, decisions. dustin just got here for the guys' weekly football and cooking marathon. i believe today's menus is homemade tamales and i may offer up a cheesecake made from scratch if i can find some almond extract! last night hank and i visited frys, albertsons and even walmart to get this last elusive ingredient but each place was sold out. seemed a bit weird to me. we thought it was just a fluke but then each store we visited we out of it. i have never had a problem buying it so it just seemed weird. besides the ingredient hunt, last night hank and i had a cute little dinner date. we were going to go to a nicer place (bin) but decided to go to good old hugos. i got a beam burrito and hank got the tamale plate. we followed it up with some frozen yogurt. sooo good. i am really looking forward to a long day of organizing and baking. it's been a perfect weekend and i am really very rested this morning. tomorrow marks the beginning of finals week at work and then i have 16 paid days off. being a teacher rules, seriously.

image by ray caesar


  1. I love that picture! Who is the artist?

  2. oops, i forgot to include that! i am going to edit it now but it's ray caesar! he's amazing. i am going to post a bunch of his art right now so you can take a look at some of my favorites!

  3. Ooh, I just found this one. I love it!

  4. ohh i love it! i just made a post of some of my other faves. the first two are especially amazing, in my opinion :)!


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