Saturday, December 6, 2008

home, kind of

when does your new home become your real home? i think i am calling prescott home now. i did it in casual conversation earlier so maybe it is so. either way, i love coming back to phoenix (mesa) to visit my parents. i love their house, the house i spent most of those important pre-teen to teen years in. ages 13-18. five huge years in my life. and then of course every vacation home from college, summer, holiday, you name it. so here i am, sitting on the couch in my parents' living room. lauren and hank are watching some stupid crime show and i am contemplating either a nap or shower. lauren and i spent all morning shopping. i got a lot of darling pieces, my favorite would have to be a wool plaid jumper with a peter pan collar. i also got a cute red headband with a big bow on it. i am definitely not 15 so i need to be wary of dressing too young, but i think the headband will look super cute with a couple outfits i have in mind.

tonight, barbeque at autumn's sister's house with our big family of friends. tomorrow morning gym time, more shopping with lauren, frozen yogurt and heading back up to prescott.

loving life.

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