Saturday, December 6, 2008

love, friends, family

my heart is always so full whenever autumn, jason, and chloe are in town. i am hoping and wishing that everything works out and they are able to move back here in a couple of months. i have been so sad with autumn out in california. i miss my best friend and i need to see my little goddaughter grow up!

so tonight we had a barbeque at jeremee's home, and it was a great time. i took some adorable photos.

uncle hank and chloe! i loove this one!
crazy uncle hank!

look at those baby blues
look at those eyes!

mama, auntie, and gramma!
the "brandt" girls

this photo is for the sole purpose of showing off shirl's new haircut which looks sooo good!
gramma, chloe, and auntie shirley

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  1. hahhaa that pic of hank and the baby is adorable/hilarious!