Monday, December 15, 2008


this was a bit earlier, it's snowing a lot harder now! this was taken from our front balcony. ps. i hate living here. it's way too big for hank and me. you can kind of get an idea of the size from the photo. it's one whole entire unit, with both garages. our townhouse is stand alone though. it has three bedrooms and four bathrooms. i wouldn't mind the size except the layout is horrible. 3 stories with one bedroom on the 1st floor, totally unattached from the inside of the home, you have to walk outside to get into it. weirdest place ever and biggest mistake to move here. oh well! one more month!

view from the front porch




  1. we live right on the edge of that, the photo was taken from our 3rd story balcony. it's super pretty BUT it's also how the thieves got into our house to steal all our stuff!! :(

  2. Oooh no! I figured it was fenced down below, but it just wasn't shown in the picture. That sucks! Well, good thing you are moving soon.