Tuesday, December 9, 2008

tea club

tea is the topic for today i guess! this is a photo of the club i sponsor at work, the tea club! every tuesday we meet in my classroom to drink tea and eat baked goods like scones and cupcakes. the kids are so adorable. here's a few photos of us.

this was taken today. my poor twisted "tea" shirt!
my cute little tea-clubbers

t for tea
"T" for tea...get it?

and a closer look at the graphic on our shirt. my insane mind dreamed it up. hahah.
close up of the graphic on our shirt- my idea :)


  1. haha that shirt is perfect! I WANT ONE.

  2. i can make that happen! they're on deep vs too :)

  3. cuuute! i will even pay for it if need be.

  4. this is soo cute!!

    that blond girl in the front is foxy! check out those heels!

  5. kara she is a wild woman! hank noticed her first too!

  6. "woman" indeed! are you sure she is in high school and didn't just sneak into your club?!

  7. what a fantastic find - can't wait to see what you two come up with!