Tuesday, December 9, 2008

tea party

i really cannot wait to have another tea party with the girls. the last one was for elisa's birthday and it was one of my favorite days ever. mini sandwiches, mini pastries, all sorts of delicious tea. it was perfect.

what better excuse to put on a party dress and get together with your girlfriends?

the girls

tea...for six!


  1. we should do this again soon! maybe in the next couple of months! we should wear hats next time!

  2. That is very cute. I have never actually had a tea party before. I need to plan one sometime. I'm sure a hotel around here does tea time. Was Lisa's at a hotel?

  3. melissa- @ the phonecian! it is perfect. you should come visit and we can plan our visit around a tea party!

  4. yess elisa we should for sure! how fun!

  5. I want to come visit so badly! I just have such a hard time finding a free weekend to make it out. When I do, a tea party is a must though. That would be so much fun!

  6. The Phoenician is the most perfect place for tea! If you're in California and want to do tea the Ritz here does a lovely one as well. So fun.


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