Wednesday, December 24, 2008

thoughts on the new year

this past year was one of the best years of my life. i feel like i really grew a lot as a person and took more steps to becoming the person i envision myself being. i also got married to the love of my life, which was the best day of my life thus far. it's so weird to think back to 2004 when hank and i got together, i never would have thought that four and half years later we'd be married. crazy! so for that reason, i will always hold 2008 in a special place of my heart. we traveled a lot also, going very far out of the country and around the world, and also all over the us. last year i rang in the new year with hank and a few of my friends in tucson. i personally cannot stand tucson, or going to shows on new years eve, but it definitely was the company that night that made it amazing. this year i have to go to tucson again but i know it will be fun. originally i was going to join my friend andrea in paris for a girls' trip but i decided it would be best to stay here, even if it completely saddens me to not be able to be at the eiffel tower counting down 'til midnight. how amazing that would have been! when i knew that wasn't going to happen i also had really hoped to go to a party with dresses, champagne, and dancing, but if i want to kiss my hubby at midnight, tucson it is! and i will make the best of it, amber and adie are coming down with us and we always have the best time. haha, i am getting more excited as i type! now i just need to decide on whether or not i want to suffer the cold and wear a party dress and thick tights or just be comfy in jeans. hmmm...

i am really looking forward to 2009. this year should be bigger than last year even, with lots of changes and amazing things happening. lots of plans...and i am just so excited for all of the "new" and of our next big milestones as a couple!

so goodbye 2008, i loved you a lot. i hope 2009 treats me just as well.