Tuesday, December 23, 2008

today is almost tomorrow

today was a really great day! i woke up very late and ended up just relaxing until lunchtime. i met up with adie and spent the afternoon with her- lunch and chit chats. i got home and dustin and caleb were over to cook and watch football, so of course i went upstairs because i can't stand watching sports! it's weird to me because i used to be a super competitive athlete but i just don't find enjoyment in watching them on tv. i don't mind basketball but football is just torture. so yes, i spent the evening organizing my closet and putting away a lot of new stuff from this past weekend, and also catching up on some letters/cards i need to mail out tomorrow. the boys ended up cooking homemade calzones. i had a bite of hank's and they actually tasted really great. so then i went to the gym and just got home an hour or so ago to an empty house- hank's at practice. so madeline and i are just being lazy hanging out in bed.

tomorrow i have so much baking to do. i was supposed to get started tonight but i decided to wait until tomorrow morning. we have 3 christmases to celebrate which means a million presents to wrap! i love christmas so much.

here's a video i just took of madeline burrowing to get comfy, she's so cute and lazy!

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