Saturday, December 20, 2008

today was a really busy morning so far! i finished every last bit of our xmas shopping...awesome. my mom had surgery yesterday so i have been at home taking care of her and just laying low. she battled breast cancer last year and had a double mastectomy last spring, so this surgery was a follow up to remove some skin and stuff in that area. it always scares me when someone i love goes "under," so i am so happy she is okay. she is the most positive person i know and such an inspiration. so it's been really nice being at home with her.

everything else is going really well. it's hard to find things to write about everyday in here, my life isn't that exciting but i am trying to update everyday when i get online to do email or work. at the least it is fun to look back on and read! i just wish i didn't have to deal with weird creeps on flickr. i keep in touch with all of my far away friends through various internet mediums but i have been thinking about making everything private anyway, but i am not sure how to my this blog private to just my friends? does anyone know? the messages from dudes with "hot naked tattooed girls" as one of their groups need to stop. it makes me so sad and feel icky. soooo that's my rant about creeps on the internet. i have had a private myspace and lj for so long that now that i have a public flickr and this, it's strange how different it is!

okay haha dinner time! i hope all of you have a beautiful day :)


  1. under the settings tab, in the permissions tab you can make it so that only certain people can read your blog! you can only add up to 100 people, though.

  2. thanks bree! i decided i am going to keep this public, that's what it's for. but i'm glad that option is there! xo