Monday, December 8, 2008


today was a really good day! it's day two of my cleanse routine and i am feeling good. today i had:

breakfast: steel cut irish oats with blueberries
snack: apple
lunch: fat free organic refried beans (half can) and 5 prunes (sounds yucky but soo good- and no i didn't mix them together! prunes were dessert haha)
snack: apple and blueberries (i need to get more fruit tomorrow)
dinner: egg white omelette with organic mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, and broccoli (AND if you're so inclined i even put a photo on my flickr. nerd!)

it's not a lot of food but i am flushing my system out. i did this before we got married and i felt so good. i always eat very, very well but lately i have been a bit lazy and not eating as many fruits/veggies as i should. my sis and i are doing it together, which is really fun.

so ANYWAY apart from this, everything is going so well. right now hank is downstairs making a big pan of homemade vegan glazed meatloaf. i can't even get over the cuteness of him cooking, it kills me! he cooks so much now, and we cook a lot together. during my little detox i am unable to really enjoy that with him but usually we have a lot of fun. tomorrow night i am planning on making him some christmas cupcakes, i hope they turn out well!

sometimes i step back and i am amazed at how life worked out. how did i get here, how do i deserve this? i always count my blessings and i appreciate it all. life is just so good.

tomorrow is another day closer to winter break. i am really looking forward to spending two weeks in phx, catching up with my friends i don't get to see that often.

alright! time to watch a few episodes of freaks and geeks, and then bed!

goodnight from me and the snail topiary!


  1. Wow - thats awesome! I just cant find it in me to eat that healthy! More power to ya!

  2. i don't know why, but i have always had really good willpower with eating. i even just iced cupcakes for my husband and didn't lick a finger! hahah <3

  3. Thats sounds insane to me!

    But its admirable!