Tuesday, December 30, 2008


wow, what a break so far...and i still have another week. i am truly enjoying my time off, so much relaxing and spending time with loved ones. and shopping! haha. in a way i am actually looking forward to going back to work on monday, i miss my kids and my girlfriends i work with. tomorrow we are heading to tucson so spend new years there, and so many of my girls are going, i am so excited! then we are checking out hank's mom's new 2nd home in scottsdale, visiting friends, and i am getting tattooed on friday...and lauren's birthday party is on saturday night. can't wait. so much good. i loved 2008 but 2009 is going to be a million times better. looking to the future...

here are some random photos from events over the past week!

out with the girls and sweaty from so much dancing!
some of my best girls

adie and me at coyote joe's
adie and me

this photo just makes me laugh because of amb's face. so pissed for some reason!
typical us

hank and me at my parents'. i think he looks so beautiful here. lucky me ;)
i love my husband, isn't he the most handsome guy in the world?!

typical night out with the peters! erin is fixing jps hair. oh i love them.
sooo typical! haha

the whole group for erin's grad dinner hosted by her parents
the whole group at erin's grad dinner

a delicious pomegranate martini. i'm such a light weight though i could only handle a few sips!
pomegranate martini, yum!

amber joy and me
happy birthday, bestie!

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