Thursday, December 25, 2008

yay new blackberry!

yay new blackberry!, originally uploaded by daniellehampton.

i ordered this last week and it arrived yesterday! it is so much better than my 8703 model. i was contemplating getting the storm, but laur and hank have it and i really don't like it. i love my cute little pink one!


  1. im so jealous! i still use my oink juicy sidekick haha x

  2. ohh i used to have a sidekick, i love that pink juicy one! i feel like the sidekick is easier on the wrist and hands though, for texting!

  3. you were linked to my friend's (from my hometown's) blog.

    totally agree with the sidekick texting thing, its so easy...yet i feel like such a douche :)

  4. def. not a douche! haha! and nice to meet you girl <3

  5. Pink is cute but I love white most! My mom bought me a pink BB two years ago, and though I would’ve preferred it white, I was able to use it for almost a year. Pink is so girlish and I can see that it perfectly fits your personality.

    -Kelly Brueggemann