Saturday, January 31, 2009

comic con (photos from last july)

i was just looking at the sdcc website for this upcoming summer and i am excited. i don't like comics, and i don't like toys but i do love spending a week in san diego at a beautiful hotel with lots of places to shop! haha. we have gone for three years and last year was the first year i only went to one day rather than go with hank the whole time. one day is perfect- i check out all of the new movies coming up, see exclusive stuff on certain tv shows (lost for instance), and be entertained by all the amazing costumes! hank stays mainly in the vinyl toy area and somehow manages to enjoy himself the whole time. all of his "toy" friends from all over the world meet up and there are all these exclusive releases, etc. he has the time of his life! i usually spend my time working out in the hotel gym, swimming and sunning (with 45spf hah), and lots of shopping. can't wait!

first day
hank is so excited!

after a long day of shopping! sweaty, gross.
sooo tired after a long day of shopping

on the bus!
my arm is the star of the show

before dinner at sipz, mmm
not so crazy eyed hank

toys @ gargamel

scott and hank
scott and hank

at pokez
mmm soyrizo...

darth vader ;)
darth vader the pedestrian, totally normal

another morning


  1. i was just thinking about pokez today. mmmmm so yummy!

  2. Andy and I are going this year & staying at his parents' timeshare in La Jolla. We should meet up for lunch or dinner one of the days we're all there!