Sunday, January 4, 2009

new week, new month, new year

we are finally home in prescott! we took an extended two week vacation and it has finally come to a close...and i feel like shit. haha. but really, hank and i are both sick. i rarely drink and i ended up celebrating three times this winter break and i feel really gross. i don't like putting toxins in my body at all so i am attributing that to the depletion of my immune system. i haven't been truly sick in years so it's weird to not feel 110%. oh well, three days of detoxing with fruits and veggies will do me well. i am so glad to be back to my normal healthy life with a reminder of why i choose to live this way! sooo, right now hank is watching an office rerun and eating chili and i am sitting here trying to eat some soup without feeling nauseous. yuck! but aside from feeling gross, i am very excited that i am officially beginning 2009 now that we are home. there are so many amazing things coming up and i am looking forward to it all. as for now, time to get into bed with some oj and water and call it a night. please please let me feel better when i wake up!

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