Wednesday, January 21, 2009


first of all, thank you all so much for your kind words, positive thoughts, and any version of prayer you sent my father's way. please keep them coming! as of tonight, my dad's bypass is scheduled for friday. it's so scary but i am staying positive and i know everything will be okay.

these pictures of my dad make me so happy :)

the men

daddy and me

daddy, laur, and me


happy graduation sissy!


  1. He is such a sweet man! you have a great family. XO

    So random but LIP popped up on pandora at work today! thinking of you!

  2. Oh sugar. Try not to worry, and try to spend good time preparing for accepting the things that are going to come your way. Even the good things can be challenging, and in fact some of the best things are. The hard things will give them a run for their money though. Chin up!

  3. those are all great pictures, and im happy to see your feeling a bit optimisitc. im so sorry for what happened, but ill keep him in my thoughts and i hope that everything turns out wonderfully
    <33 im always there if you need anything!