Thursday, January 8, 2009

sick and tired...of being sick and tired

i have been sick for the past week, which is incredibly unusual and horribly disappointing. try teaching english to a class of 35 15-year olds not feeling your best. luckily every single one of my kids are little sweethearts and have been so good but it's hard to keep my thoughts straight while i am lecturing with a cloudy head and stuffy nose. i thought i was getting better so i went to the gym at five this my dismay my sniffles are back and my throat is burning again as i type. i have been sleeping so much this week i feel so disconnected from everyone and everything. i come home from work and half sleep/half watch movies, wash my face and brush my teeth and get back into bed. i think i have lost about ten pounds from not having an appetite. yuck. well, not really ten pounds but i just feel sick and haven't been eating much. this is the first time since i've been a small child i have been sick like this. i really hope i feel better tomorrow! hank is making me some tea at this very moment and i am going to drink it with a little wish for health. vitamin c and zinc, you have failed me. garlic and multi-vs, you have too. tomorrow, tomorrow, i will feel better tomorrow.
sick sucks

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  1. I am sick too. I just got sick the other day, but from the sound of it, I am not nearly as bad off as you. I hope you feel better soon! It seems to be that time of year. I think almost everyone I know is sick right now!