Friday, January 2, 2009

tired, tired us

tired, tired us, originally uploaded by daniellehampton.

new years was insane. and i am glad to be back in phoenix safe and sound. i am not even going to try and blog about the night because there is too much to go into! so just know it was fun, crazy, and at times a little much. thank god we had a nice hotel room waiting for us. so we got back from tucson late (too late for dinner with the girls, boo) and spend the later part of the evening with hank's mom and step dad. they recently purchased another home in scottsdale, right in the wonderful kierland area so we went over to check it out. i absolutely loved it! it was so beautiful and i wanted to park in one of the bedrooms and never go home. hank's mom has impeccable taste and the house was decorated perfectly. so after the grand tour we walked to dinner at pf changs and then to cheesecake factory for dessert. all i can say is that i ate too much and my stomach hurts just a bit. i cannot WAIT to go to the gym in the morning. tomorrow is also tattoo day...which i am looking forward to but also not. it's annoying to get it done but of course i love the end result. soo that's my day for tomorrow. in the evening i am hopefully spending time with friends if my 5 hours of getting zapped doesn't kill me. eek.