Tuesday, February 17, 2009

evening ritual

evening ritual, originally uploaded by daniellehampton.

today started out as a really weird day. i try not to automatically assign my day as shitty if it starts out poorly, but it really did. it snowed last night and we definitely should have had a two-hour delay- even the colleges did! so i woke up expecting to have another two hours to sleep, and didn't. i tripped about three times over random things, woke up my sweet darling from his nyquil induced sleep, and didn't have enough time to do much of anything. my car was frozen solid and took forever to heat up, and by the time i finally got to school i realized i forgot my camelbak bottle and lunch. AHHH. but. i tried not to dwell on all of this. i typically have the best mornings, i get up with plenty of time to get fully ready, curl my hair, pick out my outfit, make breakfast, play with madeline, and snuggle with hank before i leave. i'm a total morning person. not today though. but, when i got to school my mood totally lifted. my kids are so sweet and loving, and i adore almost all of them. in my four years of teaching i have been lucky enough to get great kids every year. it's almost impossible to stay in a sad or bad mood. so, the day turned out pretty great. i went with jenn after work to look a house she is interested in, and came home to hank cooking us dinner- quinoa and fresh tomato sauce with onions/garlic. so good. we watched this weird dateline program on teenage sex slaves in america (disturbing and sad...it made us scared to have kids) and then hank went to practice and i headed to the gym. now i am ready for bed and excited to get a full eight hours. tomorrow, like every wednesday, is a half day and i get out at 1pm. we have a birthday dinner to go to, and then i'll be doing my hard plyrometrics. i can't wait, i'm so weird. hahaha. but for now, goodnight dear friends! i hope every one of you has a lovely day tomorrow.

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