Saturday, February 21, 2009

good morning!

i found one of hank's old shirts in one of our dressers here, it's a suns shirt from 1992 when they won the conference. awesome! i just got back from taking hank to the studio and i am going to go on a long run. i put tons of new stuff on my ipod so the seven miles should go by quickly- it's seriously all about the music. i run so much that distance isn't the problem- boredom is. it's also a great thing to be able to throw on a pair of running shorts without leggings underneath. i almost don't want to go back up to prescott!

after i get back i'll be spending the day with my dad/grandma until erin gets off work from the shop late tonight. then i will seeing the sweet phoenix ladies i love so much.

hello weekend, hello morning!

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