Friday, February 20, 2009

a little belated valentine from my dad

hank and i are spending the night at my parents' house tonight, and it's so nice to be here and just relax. i have felt so run down lately, and like my life is going way too fast. i wake up, workout, go to work, come home, try to get everything done and be a good wife and cook and bake and clean...then go to bed and do it all again! don't get me wrong, i love it all, but i have felt an overwhelming exhaustion lately that i am just sick of having hang over me. it's always like a mini-vacation here. my parents eat super, super healthy with the kitchen stocked with veggie, organic yummy stuff from trader joe's and whole foods and i spend every morning at the country club's gym with my mom working out and running/walking outside. i love it here, and i feel lucky to have grown up in such a beautiful area. so it's nice to just slow it down while we are here and really enjoy having no responsibilities except to enjoy ourselves! hank has to leave in a bit to start recording, and will be spending the weekend in the studio. tomorrow i'll be spending the day with my dad, and then at night hopefully spending time with my phx girls.

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