Saturday, February 7, 2009


i am having a great time getting our new house in order. i haven't spent a lot of time online over the past month or so, and i have been lacking in updates. hopefully once we are settled i will be able to get back to blogging and taking photos more often. today was a super productive day so far, so tomorrow i am looking forward to a low-key day- browsing the antique shops and the second hand bookstore with hank and maybe catching a matinee. i am so grateful to live in our beautiful town, and i love that it is getting warmer so our walks will be more bearable. i do have to mention the happiness i feel that the library is just a stone's throw away. it's so nice being able to walk everywhere again, and i am thankful for it. as for now, i am going to curl up in bed with madeline and read one of the five library books i checked out this afternoon. i love the weekends!

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  1. aww i cant wait to see pictures of the new place!