Tuesday, February 10, 2009

snow snow

we had a snow day, which was wonderful. i do love my job, but i think anyone enjoys a day off. i just got done with a super hard workout and i am trying to cool down but also stay warm in our freezing house. i don't know if that makes sense, but i am sweating yet freezing. probably not the best combination, but oh well. we also already had a half day for tomorrow, and now they've added a two hour delay (making classes 12 min each!) which is another bonus. and off on monday! yay! hank and i just planned our valentine's evening as well, i am so so very excited. lately i feel so happy about everything, more than usual even, and i am excited for these next few months. big things on the horizon. i just need to stay focused on the now, which is something i struggle with from time to time. i always want what's on the horizon, the upgrade, moving on to bigger and better things, etc. i need to just really enjoy the here and now of everything. and i feel i usually do, but there are times i catch myself looking too much to the future rather than the present. but eek, enough serious talk for one night. right now i am in the middle of a book called "confessions of a carb queen," by susan blech. now if you know me you know i am a total sucker for any type of memoir, and i really wanted to love this one. it's in the same vein as one of my favorite books- "she's come undone" by wally lamb. it's about an obese woman's struggles, triumphs, etc. the book is OKAY so far, and i'm on page 160. the author is completely honest and talks about every single issue you could think of- she really lays it all out on the table...everything from "fat sex" (as she calls it) to her stream of consciousness take on her binging. the content is fabulous. i just feel like the writing could be so much better that i am distracted a lot by it, wishing i could go back and rewrite it. but alas, i will finish it, because i can't start a book and just put it down. i hope it picks up, and i will keep an open mind. next on my shelf is jenny mccarthys "belly laughs" - her in-your-face look at pregnancy. and no...i'm not pregnant. haha. so right now it is 10:23 and i should be heading to bed but i put off my workout until waay too late and now i am super wound up. i have phonecalls to return, and emails to respond to anyway, so perhaps i could use my energy there. hmmm...either way, i'm signing offline. goodnight my dear friends!

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  1. i LOVE she's come undone. i read it years ago and i really need to re-read! xo