Sunday, February 8, 2009

today is sunday

it's sunday evening and i am already counting down to next weekend! this one was so productive and wonderful. we are in our new home now, but we are still working on packing up and cleaning the old place. what a chore. i am currently in bed, with madeline snuggled up on my feet, and hank is in the kitchen taking a test for some class. he is taking five classes this semester, yuck! he is so smart though that he doesn't really struggle with work, and it's so interesting to see him in this element- he's a hard worker. it snowed today and if i had my usb cable here i would upload photos of our neighborhood and it's beautiful snowy self this morning. i took a little stroll and snapped a few shots so maybe i will put them up tomorrow. i am looking forward to a good week at school, leading into a 3 day weekend, an hotw show, and valentine's day! this will be our first valentine's as a married couple and i am excited! i know many people don't like to celebrate commercialized holidays like this one, but any excuse i can get to put on a party dress for a romantic date, focus on the color pink, cover everything in hearts and bake festive cupcakes, i'm in! plus, i feel so giddy in love with hank that it's funny to celebrate a sickly-sweet holiday. so anyway, lately i have been really into adding to our library of books. right now i am trying to purchase all of the classic literature i love. i can't wait until we buy our first home, i am insisting it have some sort of built in book shelving in one room and i am looking forward to organizing our books perfectly in those shelves., it's only 9:25pm right now and i am already getting tired, awesome. i am going to start my valentine cards and drift off to bed...goodnight! xo

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