Saturday, February 14, 2009


hank started feeling flu-like last night after he played the show and was sick all day at work. he is currently asleep and i'm sure not feeling well at all, i feel so bad for him because he really wanted to make tonight special...even though it definitely was. anytime i spend with him is wonderful, and i really didn't care that none of our plans for dinner and a movie happened. instead we ate hugo's and curled up on the couch watching our catch up episodes of top chef on the dvr. it was totally romantic and wonderful. we're going to do a valentine's raincheck for when hank is feeling better, and i am excited for that too. this morning i spend a good portion of the day at the antique shops downtown, i found a couple great things for our house. when i got home from that long walk i ended up cleaning all day and just continuing to organize the new place. i don't have to work until tuesday so i was considering an impromptu shopping trip but i will most likely stay in prescott if hank is still feeling ill. right now it's almost midnight and i should be getting to sleep. i hope all of you had a beautiful valentine's day. xoxo

good morning valentine

love in the kitchen!
love in the kitchen

our cute salt and pepper shakers
salt, pepper

our beautiful baby
ms. madeline hampton

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