Sunday, March 15, 2009

the first two days of our Spring Break

Hello! It's super early on Sunday morning and I figured I would blog a bit about our trip before the rest of the week had passed and I forgot to or just didn't feel like it. Right now Grammy Libby is downstairs feeding Chloe her breakfast and everyone else is still asleep. It would be so nice if I could sleep in past 7 on vacations, but my body is so wired to be an early morning girl. I do love waking up with the sun though, and especially here. They live in a beautiful home, right on the beach- it's the cutest area of Long Beach, I think. I am so relaxed right now but when Autumn wakes up in a bit we'll be going to a 90 minute bootcamp class downtown, I can't wait! Haha.

So, we woke up around 7am on Friday and got into the car. Oddly enough I had volunteered to drive (I never, ever drive if I don't have to, especially long distances), but I ended up driving almost the whole way! I was so proud of myself. We got to Autumn's later in the day and we were absolutely pooped from our drive so it was a quiet night just hanging out with everyone, playing Wii, etc. Autumn's family is an extended part of my family- she is basically my sister, her Mom my second mom, so it makes me so happy to be around everyone. Jeremee (Autumn's sister) was in town Fri night too. It was my first Wii experience after holding out for so long, and I have to say that it was a blast. I was pleasantly surprised. I am not a video game person at all but this was really fun.

We woke up Saturday morning and Jason had to work (he's an orthodontist) and Autumn, Libby and Jeremee had to go visit their Grandpa. Hank and I decided to head down to LA for the day to do some shopping and visit an exhibit he wanted to check out. We went down to Pink's to have the veggie dogs but of course the line was insane so we skipped it and went to Jet Rag instead. I found a couple adorable vintage dresses and a few other things. After that, we headed over to California Vegan for lunch. Hank got the orange chicken lunch special and I got the Lentil burger. I'm not Vegan or even vegetarian, but I usually eat like I am because I cook for Hank and I really prefer to eat that way, with the exception of sushi and the occasional sandwich. Our meals were so, so good and I am glad Pink's was too insane because I got a much more balanced meal. After lunch we met up with the lovely Adie and her friend Ned at Pinkberry and hung out and talked for awhile. They left, and we headed over to the KAWS exhibit at Honor Fraser downtown. His stuff doesn't really do it for me, but Hank has loved him for ages and it made me so ecstatic to see him so happy. He was like a kid in a candy store. We were going to head back back to Long Beach but Autumn wasn't home yet so we headed over to Melrose to do a bit of shopping. I got a couple of great things at Marc, and Autumn still wasn't back so we headed to the AA warehouse...but it was a total bust. Last time I was in LA Adie and I went and it was a lot different and I got tons of things, but this time there wasn't anything worth getting, and nothing was really discounted. Hank still thought it was neat to see the huge buildings though so I guess we didn't really waste our time. So after our long day we came home and rested for a bit and then Jason, Autumn, Hank and I went down to Seal Beach, ate dinner at the only place that was open, then spent a little time at Morry's Wine Bar in Naples, which was an adorable place! I loved the ambiance and it was so fun to just sit and talk with my best friends.

We headed to bed semi-early due to our class this morning. Whenever I visit I always do her kickboxing classes with her and they are insanely hard. Full bags and gloves, boot camp style for 90 minutes. I am always dripping in sweat when we're done which is great.

So after our workout, today will be a beach day. I love it here.

my love

Chloe and me
my goddaughter chloe and me

the first of our many, many Pinkberries for the week

at California Vegan
at california vegan

at the KAWS exhibit

Autumn and Jason
at morry's in naples

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  1. Have you ever heard of Gala Darling? I think you would like her blog. And you both have goregous tattoos.