Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday, Monday

What a day! It's always hard to come back to work after a relaxing weekend. Anyhow, I have two and a half more days until ten paid days off. Hank is so cute and literally counting down the minutes with me until we start our vacation. He is taking a full load of classes this semester so he needs the break more than I do.

Lately I have really been thinking about my friendships with people. I have had the same best friends for a long, long time. I have a really bad habit of being really great at staying in touch, and then I drift away, come back, drift away. Whenever things get busy I tend to be very bad at prioritizing my friends and family into my life. I am finally accepting this flaw about myself and working really hard to change it. Most people don't see it because I'm typically so happy, but I do struggle with depression. When I start to feel sad, the first thing I do is push everyone away, which makes everything ten times worse. One of my closest friends, actually she's more like a sister, helped me come to this realization recently. It's so hard to accept negative things about yourself but it's time I move forward with becoming a better person. It's exciting to be making these positive changes and I am so happy to be at this place. And okay, that's kind of heavy for this blog but for the sake of honesty I'll leave it.

On that note, I am really happy with myself because I have been running outside a lot more than usual this past week. I workout about six days a week, but most of it is in the gym. Over the past three weeks or so I have been working out outside more often than not and I feel so much happier. I need the sunshine to keep my positivity up, and besides doing the same cardio machines is not productive whatsoever. The only thing I wish I had was another person who was crazy like me and wanted to work out at 5am. I miss living with Autumn and Shirley for so many years because they loved to workout just as much as I do and I always had someone to go with. I definitely don't like talking while I workout but it is nice to arrive/leave with a friend so you can motivate each other.

Tonight has been a really quiet night at home. Hank and I hung out and watched Dancing With the Stars and bascially just relaxed. It's gettting late now and I am going to head to bed in just a moment. Tomorrow my kids are working on vocabulary and taking a quiz, and then we have our Tea Club meeting right after school. Here's to a positive Tuesday!


  1. If only we lived closer! I am aching to run outside again..

    The only good thing about this darn surgery is that once my elbow is healed, I can get back in the gym/outside full force!

    I watched your wedding video tonight; so beautiful. It was such an amazing experience to be there celebrating your love :)

    xo gf.

  2. I wish that we lived closer so you could inspire me to workout more! I always did so much better in the gym with a partner even though we always ended up in two different areas!
    I thought what you said about friendships is so true. It seems like I go through different stages with my close girlfriends. Sometimes I see them a lot and sometimes only a few times a month. The great thing is that good girlfriends are always there, accepting that our lives are always evolving with new things coming in and out that distract some of our attention. It is easy to push away the people who care about us the most when times get tough, partially because i think we don't want to burden them with our problems. We learn from our experience and grow stronger and wiser everyday. It takes strength of character to realize these things and move forward :)