Tuesday, March 3, 2009


i had a good time with my classes today but i am just exhausted! there is a lot of flurry at work because tomorrow there is a huge event being organized in arizona and namely, up here in prescott- march4schools. educators, administrators, students, parents, supporters of education, etc are gathering at 4pm around the state to "march" and show support for our state's education. many of you know what we are dealing with (teacher/budget cuts) and it's a horrible thing. tomorrow at 4pm we will be at the square showing our support.

other than that, today's a slow day. i am currently waiting for hank to get home and feeling really, really tired. i need to sleep more. i get anywhere from six to eight hours of sleep per night and i really need at least eight, always. i need to be better about that.

tonight's plans are gym later, then just relaxing alllll night.

i also wanted to take a minute to say hi to some of the new people who have added me on here. some of you are friends, some of you are strangers but either way thanks for stopping by my little blog. it's nice to meet you! the internet is such a neat thing in the way that it connects people. i have had a livejournal since the nineties, but it's private so i don't typically add people into my world. this is public and as odd as that is, it's neat to meet all sorts of different people too.


  1. I think I came across you from flickr and was like "yay, someone has a blogger!"
    I love love love your tattoos!

  2. yay! hi erin, nice to meet you :)

  3. hi,i feel like i'd enjoy your posts! and i like the fact that you like to keep fit and healthy, and that's something i'm trying to work on right now. :]

  4. hi yesenia! nice to meet you too. where do you live?

  5. I live in El Monte,CA. About 20 min east of LA!