Wednesday, March 4, 2009


wednesday, originally uploaded by daniellehampton.

i am feeling really under the weather today! it may have to do with the fact that it's really cold today, or it may have to do with the fact that i stayed up way too late last night watching big love. probably the latter. i was just talking about how i needed to go to bed earlier, and then i stay up watching dvds. silly.

this weekend should be good, i will be heading down to phoenix again (i think). my auntie ellen from vermont is in town and if she doesn't go to tucson for saturday and sunday i'm planning on spending the weekend there, which means i'll get to see some of my girlfriends too! at the very least, erika is doing my hair on saturday morning which i am really looking forward to. she's the best. i originally was going to stay at least on friday because hank plays a show up here in prescott. but because he isn't able to do this small tour with them in a couple of weeks due to school jordan is filling in for this show to get some practice for when he goes out with them.

so tomorrow is thursday and i will be in the computer lab with my sophomores all day long. it's going to pretty boring, but i'm glad they will be sure to get their short stories in. both my sophomores and seniors have projects due friday, and then we just have next week before spring break! one of the best perks about being a teacher is the schedule. seven more work days and hello california! autumn and jason live in long beach, in a beautiful house right on the beach and i can't wait to just relax with my best friend and enjoy the beautiful weather. hank really needs a break too, so it's great our spring breaks coincide.


  1. Oh how i would love to be a teacher and have super cute dresses and a lovely schedule! Have fun in Cali!

  2. move to prescott and come be a teacher with me!

  3. Danny and I are planning/hoping to move sometime late next year or early 2011. Prescott is definately on the radar but we are also really keen on Seattle. I do have questions about becoming a teacher after I graduate this December that I would love to pick your brain about sometime, perhaps over lunch on a visit to Prescott :)