Monday, March 2, 2009


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hank and i had such a wonderful weekend. i took friday off to help him and dustin finish up moving out of our old house, and we ended up spending the entire day going back and forth. it was tiring, to say the least. later friday evening i went out with some of my girl friends to dinner and a movie. we ended up seeing "he's just not that into you," and i liked it. i definitely didn't love it, but it was pretty good. when i got home hank drove us down to phoenix and we got in around 1am. saturday was spent shopping, laying by the pool, running in the gorgeous phoenix weather, and celebrating my dad's birthday! after my dad's celebration we headed over to erin's for her birthday bbq. it was so good to see some of my best friends and spend time with everyone. i miss phoenix so much, and being able to see all my darlings whenever i want. but, prescott is where i call home now and i do love it here too. i guess i just wish everyone/thing was in the same place!

we spent sunday with my parents, doing brunch and shopping. now it's monday, and here i am so tired. sometimes i need a weekend from my weekend! this week should go by fairly quickly at work, and then i will be back in phoenix again because my aunt ellen is in town from vermont and my mom is having another surgery- this one on her colon. i swear, these past two years have been a nightmare health-wise for my family, but somehow everyone always stays positive.

i'm currently finishing up planning our trip to california, and i am really happy it's so soon! we really need a vacation. we are heading to the east coast in may (celebrating our birthdays and first wedding anniversary) for three weeks but we needed a vacation sooner so we decided to just go. hank will be touring a LOT in 2009 so i feel really lucky he can take a full three weeks and travel with me like this before things get crazy in the late summer/early fall.

speaking of touring and music, hour of the wolf was on the first page of alternative press' 100 bands to watch in 2009. once we get a copy i will scan it in but that's a pretty neat and unexpected surprise. i am so happy for hank and the guys.

so overall life is going really well. there's a lot to look forward to!


  1. you look INCREDIBLE. your skin is glowing & you look so healthy!

    hard work pays off. good job, sister!

  2. also! i just bought an awesome marc jacobs bag & thought of you!

  3. mari thank you! i am having a bit of an off day so i appreciate your comment more than ever. thank you so much you sweet girl you!

  4. AND which bag did you get?! pics lady!