Thursday, April 2, 2009


Sometimes I totally forget that I am creeping up towards my late twenties (27 on May 29th) and then all of a sudden I remember and it's such a mind fuck (I pondered on how else to say that without using that word, but I was unsuccessful!). But yeah, it's weird- how did I get here? Time goes by so quickly and I was just reminded of my age and I found it odd that I never really think about it. I love being where I am in life, and I wouldn't ever want to go back but I guess I am just in awe that holy cow, I'm going to be 27! I'm not one to feel weird about the aging process though- I am looking forward to aging gracefully and enjoying all the seasons of my life with Hank by my side. But- I do feel weird at this very moment, because somehow in my mind I always think of myself as younger and then I just had some sort of weird realization. Does anyone else feel this way? Maybe. Or maybe I'm just sleep deprived!

Your thoughts are welcome!


  1. I feel that way. I just turned 26, and it was really odd to think about. Up until 25 I was still in my early 20's. Now I am over the hump, so to speak. I don't consider 30 to be old, or even getting old at all, but I don't feel like I personally should even be close to that age. As far as things I have been through, I realize I have grown a lot throughout my 20's, but I still feel younger. Part of me thinks I will feel like I am 24 or 25 forever. My Dad says he never felt like he got older until he was about 55 and physically, he couldn't ignore it any longer, haha.

  2. My mom says the same thing- like she looks in a mirror and is shocked she isn't in her 20s anymore. I hope I never "grow up."

  3. I also feel the same way. Sometimes i feel too young to get married even though i am 27. I feel like i look young, dress young and sometimes act young. I know i am mature and carry huge responsibilities, but i think i will always be young at heart.

    I think its a good thing to not to worry about age. The most important things to me are family, health and happiness, and i dont think that will change at any age! As long as i have those two things i am happy!

  4. I know I'm only 20, but sometimes it hits me that I'm not a teenager anymore. I feel like I should still be in high school, 16 or something! Being out on my own, supporting myself and having grown up responsibilities is strange, but maybe I'll get used to it one of these days. I suppose it doesn't help that people are constantly mistaking me for someone between the age of 14 and 16. Hmm. :/