Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can't wait!

I love to bake. I'm weird, because I bake often but don't always eat my creations. But regardless, nothing makes me happier than taking a fresh, homemade pie out of the oven or icing cooled cupcakes! YUM! And I know Hank doesn't complain. So I am just so excited that Babycakes Bakery (in NYC) is releasing their cupcake recipe book on May 5th! This is a definite "must-have" in my kitchen.


  1. oh oh oh! My last name is McKenna too (maiden anyhow) and I get excited when I see someone else with that name. :) I actually own a salon called McKenna Salon & Spa.
    Those cupcakes on the cover look devine.

  2. i LOVE babycakes!

    I have a lot of their recipes already :) I can send to your personal email addy...

  3. Awesome! Thanks Emmy. I am sure you have it, but just in case-

  4. so not a fan of babycakes actual cupcakes or frosting but the storefront is adorable and it looks like the book will be too!