Monday, April 13, 2009

good morning monday!

good morning monday!, originally uploaded by daniellehampton.

this is my typical work attire- high necked shirt and cardigan (oh, the joys of covering my tattoos at work), skinny jeans, flats...and a ponytail for today due to waking up kind of, sort of late. that bowl is full of kashi go lean and almond milk- breakfast of champions!


  1. ditto, but soy milk for me and 4 strawberries.

  2. I guess I should consider myself lucky to work in a place where I don't have to cover up my tattoos(I'm a hairstylist). I'm wanting to do a chest piece soon too, yours is so inspiring!
    ps. Kashi = love.

  3. yay! we all love kashi. sooo good.

  4. i've never had kashi!! i need to get on this.