Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sister, sister!

I just had such a good time hanging out with my sister. I feel so lucky because she seriously is the cutest, sweetest, best girl in the world...and she's my baby sister! So tonight we just hung out and talked, and planned our sister tattoos that we're getting, hopefully this month, and they are going to be so cute. We're doing our sides, a piece we've both been thinking/talking about forever, and it's totally us and totally perfect. Next week I am getting my neck tattooed, and finishing up my left side. I would rather do anything than move right into tattooing my other side so soon but in a way it will be nice to just get it over with and move on to my legs. So, enough tattoo talk!
I am super excited for Easter tomorrow (today). We are doing a big family dinner with so much good food. I have a new Easter dress to wear, which totally brings back memories because Nanny would always make my sister and I matching dresses for every holiday. The dresses were so awesome, peter pan collars, sweet floral prints, and I wish I had some in my size still. Every year for Easter we would wear cute little hats, gloves, and dresses- so fancy. I will try and find a photo to scan tomorrow.
One more day of this wonderful weekend then it's back to work for me. Knowing I have five more weeks makes things so much easier to keep a positive attitude. I was in a bit of a funk last week but I am completely out of it and feeling so good.
It's almost 1am now so I should get to bed, but I hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday.


  1. Hi! I'm Holly, and I found your blog through the "tattooed girls" Flickr group. :) Your tattoos are sooo beautiful.

    My grandma would always buy my sis & I easter dresses too! velvets and floral prints! :P

    Happy Easter, nice to "meet" you!
    xo, holly

  2. Aww, thanks! So nice to meet you. I LOVE your blog and I am adding you now!