Saturday, April 18, 2009

lovely Saturday

our cute little house on this beautiful day

loving the weather

us <3

maddie baby

at hugo's for lunch

so good

Today was a perfect day, and it reminded me yet again of all the reasons I love Hank so much. I couldn't have dreamed for a better partner in life. I thank my lucky stars every single day we found each other.

But, yes, today was a lovely and perfect day. We slept in later than usual (for me at least). I am a 5-6am 'waker-upper,' and this morning I managed to sleep in until 10am! We made some oatmeal and hopped back into bed with our breakfast, I watched Big Love on my laptop with headphones, and Hank watched the playoffs on our bedroom TV. Sounds kind of silly to be curled up watching different shows but it's how we do. And I love it. After we dragged ourselves out of bed we took Madeline on a walk downtown, stopping and enjoying the weather. We walked her back home and dropped her off, then headed off on a casual little Hugo's! For the rest of the night we've been doing stuff around the house and it's almost midnight right now. I need to get to sleep! Tomorrow we are getting up early for a little breakfast and then doing some shopping. I am on the hunt for a few little vintage things so we will stop by the stores downtown, and then we needt to do the grocery shopping we put off tonight.

Whew, now you know my entire day. Odd. Blogs are a funny thing. I hope all of you had a pleasant day! xo

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