Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday, Monday

Good morning! I am so incredibly tired but this weekend was so worth it! This photo is for one of my nearest and dearest- Hey Em! Haha. Thumbs up for a positive day for sure.

for emily! thumbs up for today!

And here is my tried and true breakfast of champions.

perfect breakfast

2 Kashi Go Lean Honey and cinnamon instant oatmeal packets
1 tsp bee pollen
1 tsp flax
1 tsp wheat germ
Add water...and mixed berries...Microwave...

and WA-LA, breakfast!

It is such a powerhouse meal and it keeps you full all morning long.

Today is going to be great- my 4th hour is having a little pizza party and I can count down the days until I get tattooed...three! I also get my wedding/engagement ring back from the jewelers Wednesday, thank goodness!

I hope everyone has a lovely day!



  1. I still need to take my ring to the jewelers. UGH, and I wore it all weekend despite my advice to you!!

  2. OoO a new tattoo! =] What are you getting?