Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday/question thing

This morning was a great morning, except I slept in way too late and skipped my morning workout, but it did feel nice to get some extra sleep. Amber and I ended up working out when I got home so all is well. I cannot wait until we can workout together everyday once she is home. Yay.

I'm very sleepy so I'm going to head to bed but I was tagged in Amy's blog so I will post this here. I know we all used to do things like this in our livejournals, so I figured I'd keep it going in our blog world now. Oh, and I'm not tagging anyone in particular, but I hope that everyone on my list does it! I love asking questions and reading the answers that everyone writes!

So, you can ask me one question, anything you'd like. I'll answer it here, and you should post this in your blog and see what people ask you!

Awesome. I will answer anything under the sun, so ask away! You can also post as anonymous if you'd like.

Have a great night lovelies! I am off to cuddle with my hubby.


  1. You always have such cute outfits. Where are your favorite places to shop?

  2. Thanks! Hmmm...because right now I am trying to save money, the majority of my things come from H&M, Forever21, and vintage. But before my whole saving craze started I loved to shop at Anthro, J. Crew, and some other places like that!

  3. Dee. First off. Do you remember when we were best friends for a year of high school before I moved away again and we were sort of rebels without a cause and used to write poems during Block?

    Second. (I ask this purely out of interest. It's hard to understand tone of voice via a blog message, and I don't want to come of judgemental or antagonistic whatsoever.) Tell me about your tattoo plans. You mentioned something about doing your other side and then moving on to your legs? Are you going to tattoo your whole body? (And I guess the third question) Do you plan on having kids someday? Are you worried about your tattoos stretching or changing with pregnancy?

    And fourth. It's exciting that you have a blog like this. Makes me feel like I'm one of the friends you mention that is far away but still lovin you.

    Rush (and no I don't go by that normally- only for you)

  4. Have you ever/do you ever get negative reactions to your tattoos?

  5. Did you know J. Crew offers a 15% discount (in-store only) to teachers and students? I love it.

  6. Rochelle- Of course I do. You cross my mind often. Do YOU remember walking to Fry's and always getting that Angel Food cake because it was low cal? Who thinks about that at 14? Haha. I miss you and our memories are awesome.

    About the tattoos- don't ever worry about offending me, I totally understand the questions.

    So to answer them, I don't plan on tattooing my whole body, but I love tattoos so much and I want to do a lot more. I currently have my chest, half back, left arm, sternum, left side, top of right side, and i am getting the back of my neck next week! i am planning on doing my other arm, other side, both thighs and upper back. eventually i'd like to get my throat and knuckles tattooed as well. haha.

    We do plan on having kids but I am not worried about them stretching out at all. And if they do, I really don't care. The ones that the public sees won't stretch and I know my hubby wouldn't care anyway. But to be honest, I have tons and tons of girlfriends that are heavily tattooed and have had no stretching whatsoever. So I really feel I won't.

    I am SO glad you added me Rush. You are such a doll and it's good to be in touch.

    How are YOU?


  7. Tea-
    YES! People can be so judgemental and rude. I only started getting tattooed when I was 21, and I spent college in a sorority with girls who would never, ever get a tattoo. I always loved them but never thought they were for me. Now that I have a lot, some of my old friends are a little taken aback at times, but for the most part don't care. My parents are super accepting, even though they are very conservative.
    I live in a small town, so if I was to go out wearing a tube top or something, I would get insanely horrible looks, stares, points, and comments. It has happened before, people just freak out. Most of my friends are heavily tattooed as well, so before I got tattooed I was used to how people can be. I am appalled at how judgemental they can be! It really is surprising.
    I try not to be rude, because I know sometimes people don't understand "why" I would do that, or think they're pretty, etc. So I try not to judge also.
    But overall I definitely have gotten negative reactions. For me though, I think of it as a kind of screen from shitty people. And I like that!


  8. Hi Danielle. I like this post - i have a question for you. Do all of your tattoos have meaning to you or do you just get designs that you like? I also love tattoos but only have two because i am always unsure of what to get and if it will match my other tattoos, or will i still like it when im 50, etc... I guess im indecisive..

    If you have only been tattooing for 5 years, i guess you arent indecisive at all! How do you decide what to get?

    Oh, and did anyone react negatively to you displaying your tattoos on your wedding day. When i go to any type of Bridal store the first question asked is if i am leaving in my earrings. Like people are actually going to notice my freakin ears!!

    Thanks for the fun post!