Monday, April 20, 2009


I have had a really relaxing night after a fairly good day at work. I went to the gym right after school since I slept in this morning. Good news, I thankfully and finally lost the 5-6 pounds I've been carrying around for a month and I'm back to my regular weight. I could tell in recent photos that I had gained some (face and arms), I'm not sure why or how but it was there. But thankfully I am back to normal and have stepped up my working out a ton and I am hoping to lose some more. Starting this week I'm doing one hour of cardio 6x a week and weight training 6x per weeks (chest/back, legs, arms/shoul, rest, repeat) and abs every other day. I love to workout but I haven't really been giving it my all lately and I'm sure that's why I have not looked my best. And, I know I'm not overweight annnd I know it's annoying to read stuff like this but it's me, so take it or leave it!
Speaking of leaving it, I have been realizing how hard it is for me to be friends with negative people. I really need to work on not taking people's emotions or bad moods into my own psyche. I know people can't be happy all the time, and I am definitely not, but it drives me crazy to only hear complaints all the time. Haha, as I complain about people who complain. Awesome.
So tonight is a quiet night, I just finished scrapbooking and I am going to head to bed around 11 or so. It sounds weird, but making little crafts and books is so therapeutic, I really love it. I don't know when I fully turned into a weird domestic lady, but it's a good place to be.

scrapbooking on a quiet monday night

Photo 2517


  1. I am absolutely in love with your top! I love the detailing at the collar and the print, it looks just darling on you. I also love to make cards! I am definately not a hardcore scrapbooker but it is really relaxing to just create :)

  2. Thanks Janay! It's super comfy too which is a plus! :)

  3. i've turned into a weird domestic lady, too! all i want to do is bake, garden, & craft!

    you look great!

  4. If you don't mind me asking, what are your weight training workouts like? Do you do classes, etc? I have a really hard time devoting more than an hour a day at the gym, usually I have to sneak it in a lunch hour. But I also have a lot more than an extra 5-6 pounds I want to get rid of:)

  5. Hi Celeste! It would take a long time to type out, do you have specific questions? I can type it out if you would like, or you can check out Oxygen magazine for some awesome exercises :). Let me know!

  6. I don't have any specific questions, just kinda curious, thanks though.

  7. Celeste, what is your email?