Friday, April 24, 2009

tattoos, tattoos

I never thought I wanted to get tattooed. In fact, I always said I would never get tattooed. Reading back in my livejournal in high school in some of those surveys I would answer "no tattoos, definitely not for me!" And I remember yelling at two of my girlfriends during our senior trip in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico about the tattoos they got at some shop. Not only was I concerned about the cleanliness, I was upset that they would do something like that to their bodies! I wasn't the girl who grew up listening to hardcore, and I wasn't the girl who grew up going to shows and was around tattoos all the time. I started going to shows when I was 18, and that was the first time I was around people who had lots of tattoos, outside of my friends in high school who had the occasional one on their back or hips.

My high school experience was full of sports and dance, student council, and lots of parties, etc. Some of my boyfriends had tattoos, Lucas got his last name huge across his back, Dale had some on his arm and on his back. But it's just funny to me that I ended up really, really falling in love with tattoos because I never would have been able to call that one growing up, and I don't think anyone else would have either.

Like I mentioned before, when I was 18 I started getting into hardcore and going to shows. At this time I was in college, up at NAU, and it was such an enlightening experience. I was in a sorority all four years, and although I still connect with so much of that, I always felt like there were certain things about life that the people around me just didn't get. I found those missing things in the music that I was listening to more and more, as cheesy as it sounds. As I starting going to more shows, I was around people who appreciated tattoos, and actually had beautiful, amazing artwork on their bodies- not just the tribal and hearts with wings I saw in my hometown of Mesa. The more I thought about it, I realized that I wanted to get tattooed. Luckily I had a good friend who steered me to the right shop and the right people.

I got my first tattoo in 2003, from Jason at Immaculate, and it was my Vonnegut piece on my back. I still remember how nervous and scared I felt to be taking this "plunge" into a totally different world. I knew I wanted tattoos for me, but at 20 I still felt insecure in my own skin at times and I wasn't sure how my "other" friends and family would react. It's weird to think back now, because that tattoo was on my back! No one would ever see it, and who cared if they did? But I was a different person then, with a totally different mindset, and I did care, as funny as it is now in retrospect!

Being super close with my Mom and Dad I was scared to show them- and like I had anticipated, my parents' reaction wasn't a positive one. They just didn't get it. They actually still don't get it, but they are loving and "tolerant" of it all now...but I'll talk more about this later.

After getting my back tattooed I realized that I actually did want a lot more, so I kept thinking and thinking about what I wanted to get. I was listening to a lot of Bane at the time, and I decided to get "live the life you love" on my right side and "love the life you live" on my other. Looking back I'm so glad I got my ribs tattooed straight away because my back wasn't horrible, and these were a nightmare. It made me realize how bad getting tattooed was, and in comparison the following ones weren't as bad. After doing these, I thought I was really ready to get visibly tattooed. The same friend who steered me in the right direction towards Immaculate and Jason really asked me a lot of questions, tried to make sure I was ready for what I was getting myself into. "Was I sure I wanted to be judged everytime my skin is showing?" "Was I sure I wanted to be an 80 year old woman with tattoos on her chest?" I thought about it, for a long while actually, and realized that this was what I wanted so I went in and Jason tattooed two roses on my shoulders. My roses turned into a chest piece, my chest pieces turned into getting my sternum tattooed, and then my wrist, my arm, my rib panel and now the back of my neck.

Sometime along the way I crossed some bridge where I stopped caring about what people thought. Even when I first had my chest tattooed I would feel uncomfortable. That's embarrassing to me, because no one should care. But I did. I am still sensitive, but it would literally hurt my feelings and depress me when people would stare at me, or make rude comments. I remember going to Disneyland with some friends a little before I got my chest done, and the way my heavily tattooed friends were treated was appalling. I never expected that to happen to me, but lo and behold, walking around with a dress or tank top caused people to stop, stare, talk, etc. And like I said, for awhile I was bothered. I went from feeling like I should cover up in public so I wouldn't have to deal with it, to wanting to show them so I could glare back at people, to now- which is a kind of apathy. Look all you want, I don't care. I don't know if many newly tattooed people go through a cycle like that but it took a long time for me to get to where I am, confident and not caring if people want to stare.

I am a high school English teacher, which is another tattoo issue in itself. When I first started student teaching, I only had to cover my chest. I found it annoying at first, but then I realized that most things I wore (ruffly blouses, button ups with cardigans) covered them anyway, I didn't care as much and didn't give a second thought to tattooing my arm. Now I have to wear long sleeved cardigans and higher necked blouses everyday, but it's not a big deal. The administration has actually verbalized to me that I can show them, but I'm not sure if they know the extent and I personally would never want to do that. The kids would be way too distracted and it would be more annoying than anything. Because my husband is in a band that so many of my students love, I see them at shows so they know that I have tattoos. So of course there's always a question about them, but I simply say, "Yes, I have some," and move on.

In terms of judgment, I live in a small town so it's a given. Being a teacher makes it a little tricky because it's so incredibly awkward to see parents and students out in the summer when all I have on in a dress and everything is out and proud! I don't care if they disapprove, but I prefer to avoid that awkward scene.

My own parents still don't like the fact that I have tattoos, but completely accept me, my sister and hubby and our friends. They really have no choice, and I think my Mom gets sad at times when she thinks back to us being little girls, but I often remind her of all the other "bad" choices we could have made! After she is reminded of that, she comes back to reality and realizes she has some pretty awesome daughters. It's also nice to be married to a man who loves them and is heavily tattooed himself. I often get the question, "What will you do when you're old and wrinkly?" Well luckily I am married to someone who will also be old, tattooed, and wrinkly! Wrinkly skin is wrinkly skin, tattooed or not. That kind of thing doesn't bother me at all. Wrinkly, tattooed skin? Awesome!

One other thing I really like is the barrier it sets up for me, almost like a screening mechanism for shitty people. I've actually had a 'friend' say "Oh I can't have her as a bridesmaid, she'll ruin the photos!" Now, it's fine if you don't want tattoos in your photos, but if your friend who you love has tattoos, why wouldn't you want them to be themselves...isn't that why you're friends with them? I know people have differing opinions on this, but I thought it was pretty shitty. Another thing that I have dealt with is going out with friends who aren't tattooed at all. A few of my very best friends are from my sorority and go to very mainstream bars. I used to hate going out with them because it was always an issue. People would always come up, because I'd stick out like a sore thumb, and it was uncomfortable. I don't care as much now a days, but I still get a little weird in situations like that.

I love tattoos (hate getting tattooed) and I am looking forward to a lot more in my lifetime. In the near future (next month) I am getting my right thigh tattooed, and plan on doing both thighs, shins, other rib panel, upper back, and arm. Once I stop working and I'm a Mom I will tattoo the sides of my neck and hands/knuckles. But that's only when I am at home and don't have to worry about covering them anymore. Hank and I have often talked about what it would be like to have parents like us, and I'm sure our kids will either love it or be mortified. It's funny to think about! I love it and I know it's not a popular thing to be so tattooed, but it's for me. The old school tattooed women of the early 1900s are beautiful to me and it's exciting to be adding to what I have. I love that I have beautiful girlfriends who are also heavily tattooed, I love seeing what they dream up to get done.

I've been getting a lot of questions about them on here, so I thought I would devote an entry to it. I would love to read the "tattoo stories" of my other friends, so if you feel inspired to take time and type it out, please do! And I know this was a lot to read, so if you made it this far thanks for doing so! I hope you enjoyed it!



  1. Wow - great post! I love tattoos, and love yours. I wish i had the balls to do what you did but i am so indecisive i dont think i could ever decide on what to get. I have one semi-large back piece and a small one and definitely have the "itch" for more.

    I love hearing tattoos stories and am always very curious about people who are heavily tattooed liked yourself. So thank you for explaining!

    Your tattoos look awesome and if someone is close minded enough to judge you based on artwork that you display on your body then you probably dont need them in your life anyhow!

  2. Thanks! I am going to try and "write" more rather than just give my day to day going-ons all the time! It's more fun :)

    Thank you for the support and sweet words- love your positivity!

    Do you think you'll end up getting more if you could decide what you'd want?


  3. Hi!
    First of all excuse my english! I know it´s not very good since it´s just my third language, comming from a german family and living in south america. When I try to express myself in english the words and grammar get confused sometimes!

    I love hearing about tattoo stories and experiences too, and I find yours (your story and your tattoos) super beautiful and inspiring. It shows once more, that tattoed persons aren´t freaks or whatever other people pre-judge and think.

    I got my first tattoo when I was 15.. as a birthday present from my mom. It´s little butterfly, designed by her and tattoed by her best friend, on the back of my left shoulder. I was begging her to get a tattoo since I was I think 13 years old! I still love it and it means so much to me! So last year, at 25, after a long time waiting for the right moment, I got a big (oh.. I dont know how its called..) like an ivy (??) designed by me to match my moms butterfly. It turned out lovely together and my mom, who wasn´t very convinced by the idea at the beginnig, almost cried when she saw it finished.
    I also have 8 snowflakes on my leg, representing my closest family and how much I love winter and snow.
    Now I´m planning two more pieces, on my hip, and right arm, and a continuation of my back, but I firmly believe that they will come to me when the time is right.

    Very few of my closest friends have tattoos, and I think many of them will never have, but they always have been very open and supportive to my ideas.
    And at last, I´m a graphic designer and illustrator, so in my work field it´s very normal if you have tattoos. I teach some design classes at university here too, and luckily most of my students and co-workers have tattoos and love them too.

    To finish I have to say thumbs up for your future tattoo plans and thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings!! as I said before, you have a very sweet and positive vibe, that should be inspiring for everyone!

    (I hope I explained myself ok, and my spelling and grammar wasn´t too bad!)

  4. Clori!

    Your spelling and grammar is great! And that's coming from an English teacher! ;) I can't believe you speak 3 languages, that is truly amazing.
    Thanks for all the kind words, I am glad I leave you with a happy feeling!
    Your tattoos sounds great also- it's so neat when they mean something. So many of mine I just love because they're pretty! Haha!
    So where in South America do you live? My Dad was born and raised in Bolivia!
    Thank you so much for sharing your great story by the way- it's so interesting to hear.

    Talk to you soon

  5. Ah, I just got home from work about a hour ago and this was a great post to read after work! =] Your story is inspiring and I can't wait to start my work. I already have alot of tattoos planned out and my boyfriend has a head start on me. I've always wanted tattoos. When I was younger I took a Crayola marker, scribbled all over my arms, went to my mom and said "Mommy! Look at my tattoos!". Also, major kudos for being a teacher. I'm considering getting certified to be able to teach ages 5 and under. I'm in a day care 90 minuets a day and some times I think I can hack it and other days I'm like "What are you getting yourself into?". =P I mostly want it as another outlet incase graphic design gets old. Anyways, I will stop babbeling! Great post, and when I finally get my first tattoo I'll be sure to share. =]

    - Sydney

  6. Let me just start off saying I really loved this post! I've always loved how tattooed you are, and actually you've become a real inspiration to me. :)

    I've got some pretty ridiculous tattoo stories, and some pretty ridiculous tattoos (which I'm sure you've seen, as my teacher back in the day.) Both my parents are heavily tattooed, so they've always been a huge part of my life. I got my first one when I was 15 on the washer at my neighbor's house as a birthday present from my dad. It's a treble clef on my ankle, and I'll never get it covered up. After that I kind of went crazy with it, knowing my parents would sign for me to get tattooed and didn't really care what they were. This resulted in several that I'd take back if I could, and will most certainly be getting covered up in the future. (Remember that horrible peta star on my back? what a mistake! 16 is definitely no age to be making such permanent decisions....)

    I'm working on getting work done that actually means something to me, and is still beautiful. I've got so many big plans!

  7. Danielle -

    Yes i plan on getting another when we return from our honeymoon. I want our wedding date (May 15, 2009) tattooed on me. I want the font to be very feminine and soft.

    My indecisiveness is coming into play and i cant decide where to get it. Back of neck, middle of back, thigh, or wrist (5.15.09). I guess ill think about it on the honeymoon :)

    Have a great weekend!

  8. This was just the best post, because I felt like I had written it. I know where your coming from, as I have almost a full sleeve and some other random tattoos(and(intend on getting more). I never would have expected to be in love with my body art, but its something I am most proud of, because its truly me.

    Living in Austin, Texas, its a little more accepted, because everyone is all inked up, but I've still gone on interviews and have lost out on jobs, because I've been given the stink eye, when they see my tattoos. I don't regret my choices, but I think its kind of stupid that other people are going to miss out on a quality person, because they are judging a book by its cover.

    I am so glad you wrote this, it really spoke to my heart!! I came across your pictures on Flickr, when I was looking for some creative insight on new tattoos ideas, and honestly, your tattoos, were not the first thing that jumped out at me, you being a very cute and well put together woman did!!

    Thanks again for sharing!!!


  9. Absolutely awesome post, thanks for sharing it! x

    I've got a few tattoos, nothing huge. Most visible one is around my wrist and I get a lot of comments on it, generally all positive (even though its not a particularly exciting tattoo, it's just a bit different!).

    I definitely want more and I know I will get some. I would LOVE a large piece - a sleeve or a chest piece, but it is my fear of people's reaction around me that I'm afraid of. I know I shouldn't care, but at the moment I'm just too self conscious and not confident enough to do it, especially as one of those people is my fiance (who BTW has a half sleeve and seems to like them on other girls but not on me - WTF!), but thats something I need to work on myself and maybe one day I will sport some ink as gorgeous as yours!

    Thanks again for a fab post! :-)

  10. our stories sound so similar! i went through alllll the phases of contemplation over whether im willing to deal with the hassles of being heavily tattooed for the rest of my life. i went through the phases where it made me sad to be stared at, which it occasionally still does, and the times where i say screw it this is me i stare at people all the time they are going to stare at me just as much.

    i love the heavily tattoed women of the early 1900's as well and have their portraits all over my apartment and think im so lucky to be following in their footsteps!

    it really makes me happy to hear another girl express such love for them because rarely i find with girls is it something that is apart of them, something that they are truly passionate about.

    usually i have older female customers at anthropologie ask me some pretty ridiculous and somewhat ignorant questions about them and all i can do is tell them (as cheesy as it sounds) that they are apart of my soul and i love them so much. i think that expression in itself helps to change their perception of them, even if just a little bit!

    so again it makes me so happy to hear how much you truly do love them :)

  11. i love this post!

    that is cool that your parents are down with your tattoos and your sister's chest is tattooed too! did you get yours first or did she?

    my parents don't like tattoos. they actually don't even know about almost all of mine. haha i know that is completely ridiculous, but they don't like them and they make negative remarks about people who have them all the time, but whatever. that is them. i keep mine covered all the time when i am home so they don't say anything to me.

    i also hate when people stare at me if i am out and my tattoos are showing. i will pretty much always say something to someone gawking at wtf are you staring at? then they get all embarrassed. haha.
    i actually think the most comfortable i ever was with my tattoos was when my ex who was heavily tattooed and i went to the bahamas. no one said anything negative to us about them the entire time until the very last day when these asshole old people in the elevator who were (surprise!) from long island were talking about us like we weren't standing right there. when we got off on our floor i said some not so nice things and pressed all the floor buttons on the elevator so they could enjoy stopping at every floor until their own floor. (see people with tattoos are SO mean! haha)

    anyways, i think your tattoos are super pretty and that is awesome that you are so confident about them. you were a beautiful bride with all of your tattoos too!

    i hope i can be confident like that one day too.

  12. i've always wanted tattoos, but i waited until i was 19 to get my first one. coming from a pretty traditional hispanic family, tattoos are not acceptable. other than my parents and a select few of aunts and uncles, no one in my family knows. i hide mine around my family, not because i am ashamed of it, but out of respect for my parents. i don't want my other family members judging my parents. i've hold off on getting more because i promised my parents i wouldn't get anymore until i turned 21, which is only a few months away. My parents don't get it, and they still are not too happy about it but ,like you said, i tell them that there are far worst things i could be doing. i love my artwork, it makes me sad that my family isn't understanding. i haven't had any bad experiences with people so far, but when i do, i hope i don't let it get to me. i don't have any girl friends in my life who are tattooed so i'm pretty alone when it comes to this so i enjoy finding girls who have the same interests i do!

  13. Kara-
    I got my chest tattoo first, but my sister now has an entire huge backpiece (neck through bum!), chest, feet, etc. It's insane.
    My parents are a lot more upset with my sister for some reason. Who knows why! Hahah.
    I always, always want to do that shit to people when they say bad things but I am afraid to so I usually just stew about it and wish I would have spoken up!

  14. Thanks for typing this all out! It puts a lot of perspective in tattoos and the school environment for me. I can relate to seeing students and parents in the summer and how awkward it can be. Kids are mesmerized by young teachers with tattoos. At this point when they ask I use it as a teaching tool to explain to them a poor decision tattoo I made when I was 18 and what I have gone through to have it covered up 8 years later.

    Lately I have been conflicted about getting more tattoos because of work. I would like my feet tattooed but I wear mostly open shoes and I worry with high school students. But I think ultimately it is my decision and who knows if I will even be teaching in 10 years from now.

  15. This was a great post. I've always wanted tattoos. My dad has them, my grandpa had some military tattoos, and most my relatives have several themselves. So I've always been around them.
    I still feel uncomfortable when people stare. I'm usually in a cardigan or long sleeved shirt to protect my skin (and tattoos) from the sun. My boyfriend Davie has his septum stretched and has a big nose ring hanging so he gets stared at more than I. I absolutely hate it when people give him dirty looks for it. We've even heard people say negative things. It's like they don't have anything better to talk about. Sorry, venting.
    I have some simple flash tattoos that I got spur of the moment. I also have 3 dali paintings that make up a half sleeve. I plan on getting the rest of my arm done with dali paintings so I'll have a dali sleeve. Wow long comment.

  16. oh that was so much fun to read!:Di'm loving your blog,it's so happy and cute<3 i am heavily tattooed also.i used to draw all over my arms when i was 15 or so but i don't think i ever thought i would actually end up getting heavily tattooed!my family pretty much hate them,and i don't think it helped that i first got tattooed in my friends bedroom and chose a half-sleeve as my first...but now i have my fingers and hands tattooed i kinda haven't had much choice hiding them.i still try somewhat but my family have already seen them,mildly voiced their disapproval(though my mom actually broke my heart)and somehow we have reached a point where i don't feel shitty if they spot them.though i still cover them up,could not bare to go short sleeved around them.i hate the disappointment in their eyes and i just can't get over this thing of keeping them hidden from them.maybe if i hadn't hidden them all these years it would all be a lot better with it now.maybe my actions made it seem like i too was ashamed i had them and that's why i covered them up?but anyway,i LOVE being heavily actually brings me joy to look at my hands and my neck tattoos.(though after the neck i actually had a planned break from tattoos...the painnnnn!)and i must say,your tattoos are absolutely gorgeous xxxx

  17. I know its older, but I love this post! I know exactly how you feel about people with tattoos getting judged, and its crazy!! Try living in southeast Georgia, you will get some stares with a chest piece and a husband with sleeves, ha ha. My husband was helping a friend who is a window washer a few years ago wash the windows of a very very fancy home, and the owner wouldn't let him come inside!!! So he had to just sit outside and wait. People are strange.

  18. Thank you for writing this.
    I am currently struggling with wanting this so much for myself, but being afraid of being judged annoyingly. I've wanted a chestpiece for a while now, and people have always said "You really want that big thing showing on your wedding day?!" Things like that have made me second guess myself.
    For the longest time now I haven't had money to spend on tattoos, but now I finally (sort of) do so I really want to invest in some art on my body... This post gave me some more confidence in taking this leap. So thank you :)

  19. Danielle!!
    Such a great post...I didn't know your full tattoo story, and as I've always looked up to you and your beautifully artworked body, I'm just so thrilled to know the background.

    You were a huge help for me to feel comfortable with my (visible) tattoo. I LOVE IT. I feel my body is meant to have this little gem on my arm and I look at it with pride every day.

    I feel a sense of gratitude for you being in my life, wearing your tattoos with such pride and confidence. Knowing you and the air of assurance you carry yourself with really helped me think about my own decision to become visibly tattooed, and I am so glad I did.

    Thank you for being such a beacon of femininity, style and grace.

    I'm happy to know you!

  20. LOVE this post. I have three tattoos, but they're all covered up. I've been jonesing for more visible tattoos like crazy recently but I'm going into the mental health world professionally so I'm still unsure. Thanks for your story though - totally inspiring!

  21. I posted a little on one of your more recent posts about my husband being heavily tattooed and me starting on some arm work in the near future. I wanted to add to the mom aspect how interesting it is raising two little girls in a tattooed family. Our girls are three and two, and already know about tattoos, and often ask for their own. Bella (my three year old) always says "I'm going to get this tattoo" or proudly shows people that her and her sisters names are loud and proud on my wrists. We let them wear temporary tattoos if they like to, which I know a lot of other parents don't like. But I love that we're showing our girls a different view of life and about creativity and being able to express themselves without worrying what mainstream society thinks. Which is funny to me because I used to feel very similarly a few years ago about visible tattoos, but the more I see, the more I love them and the more I want. I think to really go into something without regretting it, this little cycle kind of needs to take place, or at least in my mind it does. :) I'll have to take some time out and look at some more pictures of your work!

  22. I've been following your blog for a few a while now. But I just found this post. I am in awe with your point of view and think you are an amazing woman. I didn't start getting tattooed until I was 30. I love them and thankfully my hubby is supportive even though he doesn't have any tattoos and never will.

    Everything you have said I totally agree with. I think you are beautiful inside and out.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  23. I love, love, LOVE your blog and I absolutely loved this post! One of the reasons I was attracted to your blog was because you were heavily tattooed, but you seemed to make it soo classy! Kind of ironic I suppose but its very true :)

  24. this is so great! i had a very small tattoo on my lower back for years and always wanted more but was afraid. then, after a terrible tragedy in my life, i decided to go for it. to live the way i wanted. i got my upper left arm done and my entire back. then i freaked out because it does change your life. i live in a very small town too. and because i didn't get heavily tattooed until my mid-thirties, i get treated like i'm having some kind of mid-life crisis.

    and i worried that i was making things difficult for my son and daughter. i asked lily if my tattoos embarrassed her and if she wanted me to try and cover them, but she told me: "i love them mama! i'm glad you're not like everyone else's momma." my son doesn't remember me ever looking any differently.

    thanks for posting this. i don't have many tattooed friends, and i'm not sure why i actually got all of these! but i love them. and i want more. and maybe it's good to show our kiddos that it's ONLY skin. instead of obsessing over every flaw, maybe it's ok to just have fun with the bodies we're given. i hope my daughter, especially, learns that from having a tattooed momma.

    thanks again for sharing this with us. and good luck with your sweet baby!

  25. This is a lovely post! I always find tattoo stories fascinating. I'm at the point of trying to decide whether or not to get a chest piece. I have my arms and feet tattooed but the chest just seems like the next level. I'm worried about the looks, I don't notice any looks at the moment, but I'm sure with a chest piece I would start to notice. I guess it's about me though, and what I'm comfortable with.
    I love getting tattooed just as much as the final piece, I hear lots of people say, like you, that they hate being the actual process of being tattooed, but it gives me such a rush. I think it's because pain releases endorphins. Reading this post has left my heart racing because I haven't been tattooed in over a year! It must be about time I got back in the chair!

  26. Wow your story about tattoos sounds a lot like mine! I never thought I would get one then my mom passed away and I got one on my back in her memory and now I am thinking of all the other ones I want, my family does not agree but Since I am now in my mid thirties I don't really care and I plan to get more until I feel I have enough, but I am still scared to have one out in the open that cannot be covered I am sure I will get over this LOL your blog is very interesting- I will be reading it often, Thanks for your story!

  27. i love this post! thanks for sharing the story.

  28. I LOVE this. I'm so happy I came across your blog. You are a breath of fresh air for me to be reading.

    I share a lot of the same sentiments as you do about being tattooed. While I'm still early on my journey I think of a lot of the same things you have mentioned, & at the end of the day I always am happy with my decisions to become "visible". It's for me. Not for anyone else.

    Also, you are the sweetest little thing ever! xoxox

  29. So was just randomly wondering - do you have any Sylvia Plath inspired tattoos?

  30. I am an English teacher at a military reform academy for teenage boys and a few girls. I work with almost all men and it is very interesting to gauge their reactions to tattoos. I am getting a half sleeve and part of my other arm done soon. I have a huge back piece, stomach tattoos, and my wrist done. I am very nervous about getting these arm tattoos but only because I am a woman. All the males I work with are covered in sleeves and leg tattoos. No one says anything. Meanwhile, I am always under a different scope of scrutiny as a young woman of 31 (I look even younger). Before I got married, it was worse. They are extremely sexist and I think that my administration would have major issues with it except for the fact that I could cry sexism with that many men visibly tattooed.
    As far as the boys, they have more tattoos than me most of the time. I even have to teach a tattoo education class as part of the program to keep them informed. The population I teach needs information but I try not discuss my own tattoos with them. I do express that they need to find an artist and pay money...they like to tattoo each other. (SO BAD!)
    I found your comments very interesting. When I go to water parks or on vacation, people stare. I think I will be fine getting my arms done though. I have thought about it for three years and I think it is time.