Sunday, April 26, 2009


I somehow just woke up for a super long nap which felt so good, but I know I will regret tonight. I also just realized a few things - in less than three weeks I am having my wonderful rollerskating birthday party, and in less than four weeks Hank and I will be spending three weeks traveling around the East Coast. I can't believe how quickly summer has arrived. And I couldn't be happier!

I don't have very many responsibilities this week, but here is my to-do list:
1) check up on bank fraud/send in affidavit
2) fix bike once and for all! (I have been putting this off and I need it done, like yesterday)

That's really it. I have a two day work week (Wednesday is a big rally all day so I am not counting it as a teaching day) and Thursday and Friday I'll be away from school doing judging at another high school! I feel so comforted as this year winds down. It's been the first year I have actually liked teaching almost every single day, which is a great feeling.

So this morning we went to brunch at the Dinner Bell with friends, then walked a bit downtown, went to the market, then I came home and made some cupcakes for the guys as they watched basketball. Then...took a long, long nap! I am planning on not doing much else for the rest of the evening, probably going to watch "Yes Man" right here in our big, comfy bed!

Here are some photos from this morning-

Here's me on our back porch, and my new MJ in action. I am so happy with it. One of my friends Zoe has it and we talked about which size, whether or not I should do the tan or black, etc. She is also a collector and recommended the tan, and I am soo happy with it. It is my most favorite bag right now.
heading to brunch

Hank waiting for our table

Outside, enjoying the beautiful weather
good morning sunday

Granite Creek Trail
granite creek trail



  1. Those orange glasses are hilarious =]. I love the graffiti on the wall!! We have alot of really nice murals around Atlanta.

  2. Your outfit is so cute! I stumbled across your blog. Is it OK if I follow you?

  3. Yeay! I'm glad you love your new MbyMJ's! It really is such a great shape. I cant wait for the Fall bags. xo

  4. I can't get enough of that top. Who made it. I'm thinking of trying to make my own if i can't find something similar. Help.

  5. Sydarella- I know, aren't those glasses hilarious? He loves them :)

  6. queenbee-
    Of course! So nice to meet you!

  7. Dorian,
    It's actually from...Forever21! I am sure they have them in the stores now! $20 or something- what a steal!