Saturday, April 11, 2009

oh wow! a nerdy video post! hank says i look nervous- i just feel totally awkward.

for me ole blog, originally uploaded by daniellehampton.

First things first, what an unattractive little freeze frame on my video! Yucky. Anyway, just got home from an amazing night with some of my favorite girls. Elisa, Zoe and I did dinner at Cibo and then went to the Mirah show. Besides some girls calling us bitches it was a pretty relaxed evening. I am so exhausted and I'm looking forward to a wonderful Saturday- family time, shopping, lunch with Sarah, and then Erika is doing my hair in the afternoon. Nothing new, just touching up the color. I dare not cut it because it is growing so much lately and I want to keep up the momentum. I cut it last time so I figure I can go another month or two. Tomorrow night Andrea is in town as well, so we will see what the evening holds! As for now, bed time. I was feeling silly and took a video of me saying hello, etc. - you may have already watched it up there before you read this though but man, it sure is awkward talking to a camera and I'm not sure if I will do it again but I'll leave it up for now! I don't know how those people do it and video blog everyday, it feels so uncomfortable. Maybe I will end up liking it more but right now, no way!


  1. You are so cute, I loved the video post! I just stumbled across your blog from flickr and I just wanted to say hello.

    I like your tattoos!

  2. you'll probably never get a very good still shot, they always turn out goofy. but you are beyond adorable and so is this video.

  3. Hello! I found your blog and I think you are awesome! You remind me a lot of myself so I look forward to reading more!