Wednesday, April 15, 2009

rest your little head

I wasn't planning on posting again, but I am all cozy in bed and I forgot my current book at blogspot, you are my wind down tonight! Today was a weird day. I was in funk right up until Hank got home (it's amazing how much he cheers me up), and now I feel better than ever. I had a lot to do, and I didn't really end up accomplishing anything. Tomorrow I have a million packages to ship out and multiple errands to run. I ended up NOT liking that Marc bag and I am happily returning it. I don't know why it looked so different online, in person it wasn't me at all. I am going to go with the Hillier Hobo I think. But anyway, I have a lot to do and I am still struggling with the motivation to get it all done. This weekend I am really going to spend some time doing me things- scrapbooking a little present for my Mom, finishing up my book, and watching some movies. I am also signing up to take a cake decorating class in two weeks, which I am so, so happy about. As I am typing I am feeling more motivated to take on everything, awesome!

I will leave you will a clip from one of my all time favorite films, I couldn't help but Facebook and tweet a moment ago about how I am most certainly channeling Dawn Wiener's style into my spring/summer look! Check out that awesome blouse, high waisted skirt and that hair bobble! Love it.