Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday morning

Right now I'm on hold with Bank of America, because I had 6 huge charges mysteriously show up on my inactive debit card, which is totally scary. Huge kudos to BofA though, they are so helpful and are taking care of it. They alerted me to it right away. Thank you Bank of America!

Last night we had some old friends in town, so we went to sushi, then to Hank's show, out with everyone, etc. It was a really fun night, and lots of friends were in town from Tuscon and Phoenix because it was Kyle's birthday and some other things were going on. I still have not drank any alcohol since New Year's Eve (outside of some tastes of wine at a wine bar with the Loops), and last night yet again reminded me of why I just don't have the urge to anymore. I have fun no matter what, I love hanging out with people and I don't need it to 'cut loose,' or to destress. There's actually no reason at all for me to drink, especially since I don't see the logic in being sick the next day! So anyway, I didn't drink again last night and I am so glad, I love love love waking up feeling fantastic the next day, plus all of those toxins are no good. I'm not saying I won't ever drink again, but for this period in my life I don't feel like it. Surprisingly Hank stayed out after his show (he always goes home and then we all go out) and he had a great time! If you don't know me personally, my hubby is straight edge and doesn't go out to bars and prefers to avoid drunk people. He never judges, but it's just his choice. I definitely don't mind that he doesn't go out on the rare occasion I do, but it was such a nice treat that he stayed out all night with everyone and had a great time! In my life I always go through drinking and non drinking phases, but I've never been one to drink a lot (besides parts of college, but that's a whole different story). Overall, the point I'm trying to make is that I feel so healthy and good without it, I'm not sure if I will choose to do it again for a long time. But, we will be on the Jersey shore for almost a month...haha...

Here are some photos from last night, they're just shitty bar photos, nothing too good. :)

Hank and Jordan
hank and jord

I ran into my friend Ashley who now lives in Tucson! She is the cutest thing.
ashley and me

Addison and Brett
addy and brett

Jordan filling in on bass for a song, he is too cute.

Kyle the birthday boy and Brett!
birthday boy and brett

at sundances

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