Sunday, April 5, 2009


at sweettart for brunch, originally uploaded by daniellehampton.

This weekend was so lovely. On Friday Hank and I had our date night and went to see Adventureland. I didn't care for it at all. There definitely were some cute/funny parts but overall Kristin Stewart ruined it for me with her incessant hair tossing and that annoying "tortured teen" act she plays in every single movie she's ever in. I actually don't even think she is acting in any of her films, she's just being herself. I can't stand her. So, with that said, the movie wasn't that enjoyable. Hank thought it was okay but we both wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Saturday morning I was busy doing errands, worked out, and then Sarah came up from Phoenix. I had to chaperone Prom last night and she agreed to be my date! We met up with my teacher friends for sushi at Esoji beforehand and then headed over to the Hassayampa Country Club, where Prom was help. All of the kids were so adorable, in their teenage awkwardness all dressed up. We even got our own professional Prom pics! So nerdy but totally necessary. After the Prom we went downtown for awhile and hung out until about 11 or so. This morning Hank, Sarah and I went to Sweettart for brunch (as shown in the photo!) and walked around a little bit in the beautiful weather. Sarah left, Hank and I took Madeline on a walk, and now we are back, winding down from the weekend. I was going to experiment with a new cupcake recipe for Hank tonight but I am feeling really lazy so I am taking it easy. I am not even going to the gym today, just completely relaxing. When I am done updating this, I am going to hopefully finish Season 3 of Big Love and read for awhile. I have about 4 library books I am in the middle of.

So yes, this weekend has been so wonderful. Sarah is such an amazing friend, she totally warms my heart whenever we are together. We've been friends for a long, long time and it's so refreshing to hang out with someone who knows you inside and out! And I so appreciate the effort she makes coming up and visiting. Love her.

I also have to make a note and say that I still have not drank any alcohol in 2009! I don't usually drink a lot anyway but I have felt so healthy and great not doing it, that I don't feel the need to ever do it. I find no logic in having a hangover, and to be honest, I'd much rather have sober fun I remember than drunk fun that leaves me unable to workout, or do anything the next day. I'm not saying that I won't ever drink again, but so far it feels really great.

This upcoming week is going to be a busy one! I obviously work, and Amber Joy gets in Wednesday. I am so, so excited. I took off Friday so we are going to be heading down to Phoenix Friday morning to do some shopping (I need to find a dress for Viva Las Vegas), and then hanging out at my parents for a bit. Friday night is a girl's night- dinner and the Mirah show at the Modified. Then, Andrea is in town for awhile! So much fun.

The summer is approaching so quickly. As of tomorrow, I officially have 32 days left of work!


  1. Oh how I wish I only had 32 days left until work was done! On a side note, your hair is getting so long! I love it :)

  2. Oh thank you! I hope it keeps on growing!