Friday, May 15, 2009

Anniversary cake!

anniversary remake of our cupcake tower cake topper!

so good

We are going to be traveling during our actual wedding anniversary (1 year on May 31st!), so our cakeshop made us our anniversary cake early. This is a remake of our cupcake tower topper, except the flavor is different. The original flavor was banana cake with banana pudding (Hank picked it haha- and none of the cupcakes were this flavor), but I didn't really love it, so we decided to have them make it with marble cake, chocolate pudding inside and vanilla buttercream on top. All of the wedding cupcakes were different flavors, we had everything from lemon poppyseed with lemon custard to red velvet with cream cheese. My talented friend Cas also made vegan cupcakes for our vegan friends to enjoy (soo good!). All of the cupcakes were amazing and our little remake cake was just as good! Our anniversary isn't for two weeks, but it was so fun to sit and eat our cake, and reflect on this past year.

Here are some photos of our actual wedding cupcake setup!





  1. so many cupcakes! looks amazing.

  2. Yum, this cake looks tasty! And I just love your wedding cake(s), such a fresh idea and they look scrummy!

  3. possibly the best wedding cake idea i have ever seen. very nice