Friday, May 15, 2009

Good morning!

Amber Joy is here, and we slept upstairs in my old bedroom (we're at my parents'), so Hank graciously took the couch. I walked downstairs on my way to the gym this morning and found poor Hank asleep with Martine, my sister's chihuahua, sitting on his head! It was too cute.

how i found hank and martine!

Here's my view from the elliptical this morning!

my morning view

And I came home to a delicious breakfast- Trader Joe's almond butter and organic blueberry spread on Ezekial cinna-raisin toast. This is the first time I've tried the blueberry (I usually do the rasberry or cherry), and it was truly delicious! This spread is particularly good because it's only 30 cal per tablespoon, with no added sugar or ingredients. It's super chock full of fruit and so so good. Go get some! I also love the orange/apricot flavor.

so good


  1. I wish we could get lovely healthy food like that where I live! What were you listening to on the iPod? I hate not being able to use mine in the gym and having to listen to their awful music instead!

  2. new reader. catching up. just wanna say that work out playlist is WHATS UPPPPPPPPPPP.