Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Green green grass

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Hello blogger friends! I have been super busy these last few days so I haven't had that much time to blog, but I have managed to upload photos to my flickr. I am always so worried that my pictures will all get deleted so I am religious about uploading them the same day. Between all of us, we have taken a million photos of our trip thus far, and we still have two weeks to go! We are staying at my Aunt and Uncle's house and it's truly been heaven these past few days. Right now some of the fam is at a motorcycle exhibit but I can't wait 'til they get home- my Uncle Paul is a major photographer for the NY Times, and he's giving us pointers and a lesson on our new Nikon camera tonight! I'm so stoked. We've had the camera for awhile (Christmas) but the only thing it's been used for is photographing Hank's toys. So today we will get the rundown and I can't wait. This entire week has been chock full of great family time, trail runs, outdoor enjoyment, sailing, and eating amazing food. I can't even begin to go into all of the fun we've been having. I come to Vermont a lot, and everytime it's better and better. I could live here, for sure! I'm not going to post a million pictures in this entry (just one of me to say HI!) so go to my flicker to see the rest if you're so inclined! Tomorrow morning we are heading down to the beach house on the Jersey shore and I am so so excited for beach time for two weeks. I will try and blog a bit later about a more detailed rundown of the trip!

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  1. Welcome to the Jersey Shore. I know it gets a bad rap but it really is so beautiful if you go to the right spots. Im sure you know that!

    Hope your here for the weekend, the weather is going to be wonderful.